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*Steps onto soap box*

I am appalled that something like Jessica Simpson gaining a few lbs is actually news.

I know I’m not the first to think that this is ridiculous and I won’t be the last, but come on. Are we so jaded of a nation that we need to find someone who has a semi normal body and pick it to shreds? Is this what is important these days? A whole family gets shot and Jessica Simpson and her weight gain (which by the way, is total crap and I think she looks great) gets top billing in the gossip blogs, tv, web pages etc. It wasn’t long ago Oprah was saying she gained weight and that also made the news. As if we care or are surprised that *gasp* celebrities gain weight too.
I saw a cartoon in the New York Post depicting Jessica as extremely large and apparently in love with Ronald McDonald. Ok, maybe that is a little funny…
Nevermind, she’s huge, and I’m a size O.
*steps of soapbox*

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