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On an Emission to change the world…

Okay, bad pun. Sorry.

I’m geeked about Obama’s new emission standards. I have an SUV, so obviously I will have to get something new by 2016 (deadline for all cars to be 35.5 mpg) I love my SUV, and I really hope the car makers make SUV’s with better gas milage. Frankly, they should have been doing this the whole time! Also: better gas milage=less money to pay for gas… that’s always good. Oh and the people saying that the cars/SUV’s/Trucks that the factories make will be less safe, total bull crap IMO. They will make them just as safe as they are now. I don’t get why people would even say that. And those who say we will all have to drive cars… please. As if we will ever have a world without SUV’s.

On a writerly note…

I’m almost done with, Don’t Murder Your Mystery, by Chris Roerden. Good book. Lot’s of helpful stuff for all genre’s, not just Mystery. Chapter 12 or 13 (I think, book is at home) discusses the whole idea of putting yourself in all the characters eyes, not just the main character. Also it discusses the motivation for an amateur to try and find the killer?? Good question. So I looked at my reasoning for my MC to be investigating, and it wasn’t really a good one, so it helped me there. I could go on about how this book has helped me already, but I won’t.

Only 2 days till trip to Chi town…

Have a good Wednesday 🙂

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