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"Number Five is Alive…" Again.

Ok. I get it. The eighties had movies that were re-makeable. At least that is how it seems. Short Circuit is the next on the list to be re-made. (yes you heard right) Come on you knew it was coming.

How can they possibly screw this one up.. *laughs*

“Number Five is alive.” Translated into new movie version… Number Five cranes his mechanical finger and points at a small, red button on his side. “I’ll blow up this whole country if you touch this button.”

Let’s see, can we predict what’s next? Let’s see Footloose is taken, Transformers x2, Karate Kid, Heathers is getting a sequel, Red Dawn, and of course Weird Science.

When will it stop? Will it ever? At this rate they will be re-making those sh*tty Look Who’s Talking Movies… Oh please No! Okay, the first one was passable.

Just my 2 cents. Great. Now I want to watch Better Off Dead. (Good Movie)

Enjoy your weekend!

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