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Guitar Hero is Awesome

I know I’m about 3 years behind with this, but I love Guitar Hero!! I played it last weekend while at a friends house and just fell in love with it all over again. I had since stopped playing.

Sadly, it has gotten in the way with my writing, in fact, everything has lately…
If I find a quiz or game on facebook, I can play it for hours. Seriously, I know you all want to know what my top 5 celebrity crushes are, oh and my score on farkle, and who I killed in Mafia Wars, but, I haven’t written in days.

And don’t get me started on twitter. Love it! Can’t get enough.

I think I just need to re-set my focus and hunker down.

So what keeps you from writing, or any hobby you love?

2 Responses to “Guitar Hero is Awesome”

  1. I’ve only played Rock Band but I LOVED that. I totally want to get it once we’re back in the real world.

    I mostly get distracted by the internet, and my favorite games are word games — Scrabble, Pathwords, stuff like that. And of course celebrity gossip. 😛

  2. EriCan says:

    Me too!!! All of the above. I can’t let it get in the way of the writing though- bad move on my part. You know how to balance it obviously 🙂

    You will totally love Guitar Hero if you loved Rock Band. I can’t wait to get the drums and have a jam session…LOL

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