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Fat is the new Black

Seriously, if I see one more show exploiting fat people… How about the new Bachelor-like show, “More to Love.” A guy gets to choose from larger women? Really?

Come on America!! Do we really need a separate show for the fat people??
And although, “Dance Your Ass Off,” looks like an entertaining show, it’s still a separate dance show for the bigger folks.
Are we that vain that we think a guy wouldn’t choose the big girl when she’s up against size 2 model? Okay, maybe I’m giving to much credit to the bachelors, but still, I don’t get it.
I never will.

2 Responses to “Fat is the new Black”

  1. Amen! When I look at art in the early 1800’s, I often think “WoW! Im a 17th century supermodel!” 🙂

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