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MFA? Yay or Nay- I eat Hay, every day…

A little rhyming for a Tuesday. I’m at a crossroads here.

I need to further my education so my day job isn’t so infuriating. I was thinking of web design, going for an MFA-I have a bachelor in Journalism- or just taking some classes at community college until I figure something out.

I’m completely lost. I would love to try and freelance write, but I have no clue how to do it.
Anyone have any ideas? I know you can’t tell me what to do with my life- oh how I wish someone could sometimes- Just asking if any of you have an MFA, or web design, any freelancers out there?
*crickets chirp*

4 Responses to “MFA? Yay or Nay- I eat Hay, every day…”

  1. I’m technically a freelance designer but that’s only because I quit my job. I studied print design in school but not web because it didn’t really exist yet. I did take a couple multimedia classes, but they were with software that isn’t used anymore.

    I’ve taught myself Dreamweaver with a tutorial book, and I have the same series for Flash, but I had a little intro to it several years ago. You don’t really need an MFA for design-type stuff — or at least you didn’t used to — so I’d suggest a community college class to learn the basics. Although, maybe a grad school degree is more necessary now. 😛

    Good luck!

  2. EriCan says:

    Thanks for sharing Melanie!

    I was thinking I could apply to Grad School and see if I get in, then we could see from there. Is your work anywhere online. I would love to see it!

    Taking a few classes certainly wouldn’t hurt 🙂

  3. Pink Ink says:

    Hi! I came over from Melanie Avila’s.

    I graduated with a degree in English. When I chose to be a stay at home mom nearly 14 years ago, I began freelancing for a magazine and newspapers. To get started, I read a lot of books on freelancing, but mainly, I just queried the publications I like to read since I already subscribe.

    I’m sure more education would be interesting, but experience is also important. Building clips (free or paid) is the key to getting your name out there.

    Good luck!

  4. EriCan says:

    Hi Pink,
    Welcome:) Thanks for stopping by. That’s some good advice. Thanks for sharing your experience as well. I will work on that 🙂

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