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How Do You Write Your First Draft?

I’ve been on a writing streak lately. It doesn’t happen very often so I’m thrilled about it. It got me thinking… I don’t write in chapters in the first draft. I also write sequentially. I’m not sure it works well, but I can’t seem to go out of order for some reason.

For me, there needs to be a flow to the whole draft, a fluidity.

So– how do you write your first drafts? In Chapters? In order? I’m curious how the other half writes.

2 Responses to “How Do You Write Your First Draft?”

  1. I write in order with chapters when there’s a natural break. Part of my editing process is to rearrange chapters and fix breaks so they make more sense.

    If I get inspired about a scene that’s coming later, I just write notes rather than the actual scene because then i have something to look forward to. If I’m struggling to move forward, hitting that part that I’ve already figured out gives me momentum.

  2. EriCan says:

    Oh that makes a lot of sense. Those are really good ideas. That may help me with my problem.

    I have issues with moving past parts of the story. I want it to be perfect. That’s something I need to get over for sure. Sounds like you’ve got it down 🙂

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