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Friday Featured Blog – TH.Mafi, Call Me Tahereh

Hi Everyone!

Sorry about my absence. For those wondering, the surgery went well and I’m recovered for the most part ;o) I haven’t done much but watch movies and lay around. I did go back to work on Tuesday, so that was nice… Oh I saw Up in the Air – good movie, somewhat unpredictable at times.

Well we have a fab-u-lous featured blog today. I haven’t been following it that long, but I enjoy it immensely and am already hooked. If you haven’t been over to TH.Mafi Call Me Tahereh, you are missing something and you can’t be one of her besties, and believe me, you wanna be! Her blog is one of the most stylish ones I’ve ever seen, trust me, stop on over and check it out… so cool. I was sucked in, like a dove to a vortex. Except we all no I’m no dove…. Ahem. I digress.

She recently had a post that was inspiring, sincere and something I think we all need to hear sometimes. You can find it Here. Wanna know a little about her? Check Here and Here.

What can I say, she’s spunky, sweet and encouraging. A blog not to be missed ;o) Oh, wondering about the photo? That’s Dave Grohl *sigh* at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit. . My li’l sis and I went to the Foo Fighter’s concert a couple years ago and I took that with my phone. And well, it seemed appropriate cause Tahereh is quite the rock star ;o)

Tahereh’s Profile Info:

I’m 22. I’m a girl. I write YA novels and I’m repped by the ever-fabulous Amy Tipton of Signature Literary Agency.

You can find her on Twitter as @thmafi

The super sweet Amy over at That Amy Sia has bestowed onto me the sweet blog award. Okay… all at once. “awwwww.” Thank you so much Amy! Her blog is full of awesome. Hop on over and check it out ;o)

I can’t pick who’s sweet, cause you all are, you know that. I want ALL of you to have this. Now, I know, since I didn’t link your blog and such, you won’t take it, but please feel free to.

Welp, that is all for today. Sorry I. After being off for a few days it’s hard to get back into it, but I’m starting ;o) I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Do something fun!


17 Responses to “Friday Featured Blog – TH.Mafi, Call Me Tahereh”

  1. Southpaw says:

    I discovered Tahereh blog just yesterday.It is fun.

  2. Tahereh says:

    i’m pretty sure you can see me blushing from NEPTUNE.

    you are so sweet!!!!

    thank you so so much for your kind words and the privilege of being featured on your blog!!

    also: hoping everything is going well for you — i didn’t realize you’d had surgery!! i’m sending you warm wishes for safe and speedy recovery!

    <3 you bestie!!

  3. Southpaw – Oh yay! Yes, it’s a fav of mine ;o)

    Tahereh – Aw, you’re very welcome! I always appriciate solar blushing… back at ya from Saturn ;o)

    Thanks for the kind words! I heart u too bestie!

  4. xoxo says:

    I lay around and watch TV even without surgery. I call it thinking others call it lazy LOL 😀

  5. Sandy Shin says:

    tahereh is so awesome. her blog posts always touch my heart, whether it’s make me laugh or smile. 😀

  6. And…. follow.

    Hope you’re feeling ok!

  7. xoxo – LOL – yeah I do that too, a lot more than I should ;o)

    Sandy – I couldn’t agree more ;o)

    Ms. J – Yay! You’ll love her blog ;o) I am feeling great, thank you!

  8. Diane says:

    Glad you’re feeling better. Have a great weekend! :O)

  9. I’m glad you’re feeling better – take your time and make sure you take care of yourself!

    I love Tahereh’s blog – she really is awesome 🙂

  10. Diane – Thanks ;o) Hey, you too!

    Jemi – Aw, thank you! Yeah, she’s got a great on over there ;o)

  11. Amy Saia says:

    Great recommendation! I’m, glad your surgery went well and you can recover now. Take care!

  12. I’m glad you’re up and moving around again!

    btw, I just saw your commenter cloud on the side — my name is HUGE!

  13. good to hear you’re on the mend!

  14. I follow Tahereh’s blog. And congrats on winning her contest.

  15. Amy – Thank you ;o) Take care too!

    Mel – LOL I know it’s huge. Big thanks for commenting so much. For a while it was just us huh? LOL Thank you ;o)

    Terry- Thanks! It’s better on the other side ;o)

    Medeia – Oh yay! Thank you ;o) I just saw over there, totally random!

  16. Erica,
    So glad you’re doing well and are getting a lot of reading & movie viewing done. Thanks for the ‘Up in the Air’ recommendation. It’s on my ever-growing Movies to Watch list.

    Thanks also for recommending Tahereh’s site.

  17. NFN – Thank you! Yes, good movie ;o) Definitely, you’ll love her blog!

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