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Emotion. How Do You Write the Scene?

Hi Ya!
I hope you are all doing well ;o)
Yes, that’s me there… I took it a while ago, when I was all emotional ‘n junk…

So I was writing. Like ya do… and it was one of those scenes where you’re like on the verge of crying and you keep pushing repeat on the crazy song that brings out all of those feelings you keep bottled up in the places you don’t talk about at parties (A Few Good Men Anyone?)



I had a thought. What if I didn’t have this song blaring in my ear. What if I just wrote it when I was like really happy… would I be able to tap into that same area of my psyche again? Is it the way the notes blend together that brings it out, or is it what I feel that does the job?

So. Here’s what it takes for me… *ahem*

1. Has to be late at night, it’s hard for me to conjure emotional scenes during the day.

2. I must have a powerful song playing, usually Decode, by Paramore. I don’t know what it is about that song… Metric (acoustic) works too.

3. No one can be in the room, just in case I start bawling like the baby I am. Seriously, it’s a sad sight.

4. I need to write the whole scene in one sitting. No coming back to it, unless I’m writing the whole thing again. Strange. I know. That will change, I’m sure.


What about you? Do you have a certain song/place you have to go to write those emotional scenes? What is it you do to get into the emotional state? Or. Is it always on the surface for you.

On a personal note. I’ve begun the South Beach diet, er the oh-my-god-what-have-I-done-I-miss-cookies-so-much-I-could-eat-my-friggen-hand-with-ketchup-diet. And. it’s going well… LOL I’m actually really pumped about changing the way I eat, so you may see some wayward posts about cookies and cakes and how much I want to eat them… hey, I gave you fair warning.

Enjoy the rest of the week!! I’ll be stopping by more blogs this week, I’ve been pretty busy as of late ;o)


25 Responses to β€œEmotion. How Do You Write the Scene?”

  1. Kuyerjudd says:

    LOL. I’m not too different. I do the same thing, only I bake, too. Not the prettiest sight in the world, though. Crying on the batter, punching the dough til it’s flat as paper, watching the flames consume the bad emotions as they create pastries for you… Haha.

    And then I write.

  2. I never thought of that. Of course, if I cooked the house would burn down… LOL I can just picture it!! Thanks for sharing ;o)

  3. OMG, we’re twins. I struggle to write during the day, too, especially emotional scenes. Now, while I can’t write with music on, I usually prep by listening to certain songs several time–the more emo the better πŸ˜‰

    And that picture of you is gorgeous. I know you’re kind of sad in it, but still. Just beautiful.

  4. I also write emotional scenes at night or on rainy. dreary days. Music is usually essential. My lastest WiP has a lot of emotional scenes so I’ve been listening to Civil Twilight and Death Cab for Cutie–a lot.
    I’ve cried too.
    Hope you feel better (not so sad) and good luck!

  5. Diane says:

    Great picture. Look out Tyra! :O)

  6. Tahereh says:

    hmmm i don’t usually have a song playing, but i do need to write it all in one sitting. it’s tough to break an emotional connection like that only to pick up somewhere in the middle!

    haha so i totally relate!

    those scenes are the most grueling sometimes!

  7. Melissa says:

    I had a really emotional scene that I had to write a few months ago. OMG, I never realized how hard it was going to be to get it down. It took me a few days to make it sound just right, and I was felt so depressed after I finished each writing session.

  8. Sandy Shin says:

    Writing emotional scenes during rainy and cloudy days does put me in the mood. But I’m very bad at finishing it in one go. I’d stop in the middle and return to it later, which is bad. I’m trying to get it all out next time. πŸ™‚

  9. Jamie D. says:

    Sounds like you’re figuring out what works for you, Erica. Glad to hear it, even though you have to get sad in the process.

    I “feel” deeply. I rarely express what I feel (ie, even if I feel like crying or yelling, I don’t). So for me, the emotions are always right there, and I think because I don’t express them much in real life, they’re looking for an outlet whenever I need one (or several).

    All I need is quiet – noise/music just makes it easier to distance myself from the emotions. If it’s quiet, and I’m in my character’s heads, I can literally “feel” what they are feeling at that moment…and that’s what I put on paper.

    Fascinating how different we all are, isn’t it? πŸ™‚

  10. I prefer to be alone when I’m writing emotional scenes too – I cry and whimper – according to my kids who think it’s hilarious. πŸ™‚

    I don’t notice the rest of the world when I’m deep into a scene so it doesn’t much matter what’s happening in the background.

  11. Carol – So cute! Well then you got the looks ;o) Ooo emo, yes. Thank you, hon. You’re so sweet!

    Christine – Oh Civil Twilight, I really like them a lot! Death Cab for sure ;o) Aw, thanks!

    Diane – LOL, thank you!

    Tahereh – Ah one sitting for you too huh? I totally agree, they can be nuts!

    Melissa – I know, right? For me they’re the hardest ;O) We’ll have to watch some Glee afterward!

    Sandy – However you do it, works ;o) Do whatever works for you!

    Jamie – Thanks so much! Wow, that’s totally deep. I could tell you describe the emotion really well. It is fascinating ;o)

    Jemi – LOL Aw. I’m the same exact way!

  12. For me, I have to have the music on too. But it’s not always the same. There are different soundtracks that go with the different stories that I am telling. Depending on which characters point of view depends on what music inspires me.

  13. Yeah, I have to be inspired–by a song or something I’ve read first. Then, like you, when I write I can’t have any breaks. I have to write the scene in one take. πŸ™‚

  14. Kelly – I could see that! I do that too ;o)

    Jennifer – Sounds like we have a similar system. Cool ;o)

  15. C R Ward says:

    Yeah, I’m like Jamie in that I usually keep my emotions bottled up. To let them out in my writing, all I need is to be left alone and enough time to get it out all in one sitting. Background music? Problably the Trans-Siberian Orchetra’s Beethoven’s Last Night. A Star Trek marathon works too. πŸ™‚

  16. Nice! Aw, you guys and your bottled up emotions… need to let them out a little ;o) Yeah, being alone is a lot easier!!

  17. Natalie says:

    Very interesting Erica. Honestly, I never really go too far emotionally in my stories–probably because it scares me. It’s way easier to stay in light, fun places. Maybe as I grow as a writer I can tackle more of the emotional side of life.

  18. Natalie – it scares me too! I’ve become more emotional in my old age… Ha. Light and fun are always good ;o)

  19. Works! But now I forgot what I was gonna say… lol πŸ˜€

  20. regan – Doh! LOL, Well that’s no good. Okay, no matter what I will always keep it open, just for you, my dear ;o)

  21. The emotion scene I find I need the ‘perfect storm’ conditions to write, too. I favor LOTR soundtracks or complete silence, empty room and I MUST have a scented candle burning.

    No cookies? No cookies? Right there is the pathway to being able to write an emotional scene. The thought makes me weep!

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  22. Angela – The perfect strom, great way to put it ;o) LOL I’ll admit, it gets sad without cookies :o( But, I am losing weight!

  23. Gah! I meant “storm” of course. *maybe* I should preview these comments… LOL

  24. Wow, I’m really late to this, but this post hit home for me. I wrote for the first time in almost six months yesterday and it was a fairly emotional scene so I was afraid to stop until it was finished. My basement is dark — which is exactly what I need. I have a hard time tapping into my creativity when the sun is blaring.

    I hope the diet is going well!

  25. LOL – Mel No worries, I’m still here ;o) I’m glad you connected with this. I’m so glad to hear you are writing again!!! Sounds like you have a good spot for the emotional stuff ;o)

    Thank you, it’s going great. I’ve lost 16lbs so far ;o)

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