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Curse Of The Over-Plot

Hi Everyone!!

I hope you’re having a fabulous week ;o) I also hope you enjoyed the interview with the awesome, newly-agented author, Brooklyn Ann!

Wha? You missed it? It’s okay, I just happen to have the link right Here!


I’ve come across something I may have a problem with… it’s in my current WIP. Wanna know what? You may already know… *cough* the title of the post…
I believe I’m on the verge of over-plotting my story. Why’s that? You may ask. Isn’t plotting a good thing?

It is. But.

If you’ve been revising your WIP for a few months, as I’ve been, you begin to add in twists and turns, love triangles, Back to the Future and Scooby Doo references… oh, just me? Some of these ideas will make my WIP fantastic. Some… I’m afraid are going to make it confusing and scattered. So. Here’s my dilemma.

Which twists/triangles/surprises do I keep? It’s not clear to me at this point, which would make it great and which would make it like that picture up there.
I have to ask…. do you have this problem? What was your solution? Am I being a paranoid freak? Have I been looking at my WIP too long? YES!
Probably all of the above! LOL
Have a wonderful rest of the week ;o)
Rock on!

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12 Responses to “Curse Of The Over-Plot”

  1. I kind of have this problem. It’s more of an issue where I’m writing one story and great scenes or ideas come to me that I could put in the story I’m writing, but I know it would muddle up what I already have or would up the word count too high.

    I keep a notepad by my desk for when this happens. I jot the idea down and get back to what I was writing. I find that if I write it down the idea will stop nagging me, and I’ll have it for later when need a to come up with a new story.

  2. Hi Dawn ;o) That’s a great idea! Some of them have actually helped my WIP, which is great! I guess I just get so enthralled with my current one that I want all the goodies to go in there! LOL

  3. I’m having this problem right now too. Part of my goal in this draft is to add several sub-subplots — just a couple sentences in key places to add that depth — but I keep adding little things in other places too. I’m only a third of the way through and I’m quickly approaching 100K. Eek! Now I’ll have to cut stuff…

  4. I haven’t run into this problem yet. I’ve had to do the opposite and weave a subplot through. It’s hard!

    I wonder if taking a week or 2 away from it and then giving it a straight read through would help??? My brain gets to the point where I need some distance.

  5. I’m working on a series and having the worst time isolating the plot of each book versus the plot of the series.
    Jotting down notes and mini outlines is helping.

  6. Mel – I know what you mean! I do that too. Yikes!! I don’t have that problem ;o) My drafts are on the shorter side… need to add some bulk! Good luck with the cutting ;o)

    Jemi – That is hard!! Since this is more of a rewrite, I’ve only had to do that a little. You know, that may be a good idea ;o) Thank you!

    Brooklyn – I bet that’s hard. Where do you put what? Right! I could try that, thank you ;o)

  7. C R Ward says:

    It’s so nice to know I’m not the only one out there suffering from the ‘too much plot’ disorder! 🙂

    My current WIP is starting to look like the Perils of Pauline! Just how many times can a person have a brush with death? And wouldn’t a normal hero start getting tired of rescuing her? Figuring out what to cut from this monster is a real headache!

  8. CR – LOL you’re not the only one, for sure! I know, well we suspend our reality a little! Good luck taming that monster ;o)

  9. Adam says:

    ‘Ello Erica!

    Great post!

    I have the opposite problem. I’m a very sparse writer, and it takes a fair bit of effort during my revisions to get to what I’d consider to be the right amount of plot.

    You’re reading A Reaper’s Tale at the mo, I believe, and if you think that’s sparse, you should see the first draft! 😉


  10. Adam – I do write sparse as well, but it’s mostly lack of description. I love your story, I think you have just enough plot elements, really! All of my first drafts are sparse too, all dialogue!!


  11. Anonymous says:

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  12. Sure, no problem. Glad it helped ;o)

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