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Back To The Future Part II took place in 2015… Yeah.

Hi Everyone!!

Whew, I have been a bad blog mommy… very neglectful. However, I have been reading and revising a lot, so it’s all good, right? I sure hope all of you are doing well and enjoying these last couple days of 2010 ;o)  I missed ya!

So. Yeah, that pic? A little more action than I’m gonna see in 2011. Looks fun though ;o)

So, onto the reason for this post! To share my fav’s of 2010 with you! Do we have any in common? What were your fav’s?

2011. Gah. That looks so strange. Like we should be living in space or riding in flying cars… back to Back To The Future II, can you believe it was in 2015?? I’m sorry, I can’t get over that. It’s in 4 years. Anyhoo… onto my fav’s…

*Some* (I could list many more) books I loved this year (in no particular order)

Matched, by Ally Condie, Loved it!! Can’t wait for the next. Ky <3
The Sky is Everywhere, by Jandy Nelson, Unbelievable, loved it to the core Fallen, by Lauren Kate,  Awesome! Loved the second, too
All of Cassie Clare’s (CoB, CoA, CoG, CA) I love her writing, her characters, everything. Ah, Jace.
The DUFF, by Kody Keplinger  So real. I was sucked right in. She’s a great writer.
Perfect Chemistry, by Simone Elkeles, OMG *swoon* she knows how to write. I also really liked Leaving Paradise.
Some Girls Are, by Courtney Summers, Love her, love her writing. I devour anything she writes.
The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins, I’ll admit to being one of the people that didn’t love the last one, but WOW, what a fantastic series. She knows how to get that page turning, even when it’s three in the morning and you can’t feel your toes anymore. Team Peeta Foreva
Hush, Hush, by Becca Fitzpatrick, I just finished Crescendo and this gal knows how to weave in some mystery. I have a love/hate relationship with Patch… mostly love (who are we kidding). Yeah, she sucks me in too. One thing after another. Good stuff
Shiver, by Maggie Stiefvater, her writing is a like music notes, it flows, it’s beautiful, it’s haunting. Love her stuff
Tempest, by Jamie DeBree, she’s a great friend who wrote a HOT book (seriously, on fire). Can’t wait to read the next!  
A Reaper’s Tale: The Undecided, by Adam Slade, such a great story, funny, original. I loved it. Love him too. Great guy.

TV Shows I loved in 2010

Dexter– hands down, my favorite. If you aren’t watching, you should be!
Chuck– underestimated, but shouldn’t be. Chuck is a fantastic character full of contradictions. (and Zachary Levi is hot) but that’s not the reason I watch. Ha
Big Bang Theory– lost a little steam for me this year, but still one of the funniest out there. I love Sheldon.
Criminal Minds– I always get ideas for books watching this show. The writers are excellent, show after show, they come up with new stuff.
Glee – It’s losing steam with me, but I love the characters and the singing. Gotta love the singing ;o)

Movies I loved in 2010

Easy A – Top of my list this year. So funny, well acted, writing was fabulous. See it! I <3 Emma Stone.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Pt. 1 – My favorite of the HP movies so far. Loved it!
Inception – Unbelievable. It’s right up there with Easy A. Such a glorious mind- uh, rhymes with Chuck.


Well, NaNo was great this year! I think I’ve come up with a story I can really start getting behind. It’s not great, by any means, not yet, anyway. But I think the potential is there, more so with this one than any other. So *maybe* this will be the year I start querying. For almost three years I’ve been studying blogs, reading writing books, writing, chatting with authors/writers/pub peeps on twitter, blogs, facebook (all of you <3). I think I may be ready to jump in. Probably not until closer to the middle/end of the year, but *fingers crossed* It always seems I start every year thinking it’s going to be new and fresh and really it’s kind of the same, old stuff. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I’m still me, you’re still you. Changes happen. But inside, I usually stay about the same. Thank goodness. So out with the old, in with the old, I say ;o) So that’s my break down. What about you? What did you love in 2010? What are you thinking about for 2011? Have you seen Back to The Future 2? Have a happy & safe New Year’s! <3

19 Responses to “Back To The Future Part II took place in 2015… Yeah.”

  1. Terrific recap! I enjoyed a lot of your faves – Hunger Games, Hush Hush (which I’m in the middle of) – I’ve got several others on my wish list. Ric Riordan’s Percy Jackson series was anohter huge hit for me this year – awesome stuff!

    I just started watching both Big Bang Theory and Glee this year – fun stuff! My other faves are Fringe and Bones.

    Hope your 2011 rocks! 🙂

  2. Oh Bones! I forgot about Bones. I love Bones ;o) Must add to the list! Oh yeah, Percy Jackson. I wanna read those too!

    Thanks! I hope yours rocks too ;o)

  3. Diane says:

    Great recaps and line-ups. Chuck is a favorite of mine too. Love me some nerd! :O)

  4. Me too! Nerds rock! Thanks ;o)

  5. Emy Shin says:

    I really liked some of your favorites (Matched and CA and oh Inception) as well. Happy New Year!

  6. Thanks! You have excellent taste ;o) Happy New Year to you!!

  7. MC Howe says:

    Dude, you’ve been busy being absent. Glad to see you again. Happy New Years!

    My favs for 2010? Hmm…Watch my blog for an announcement on that. Looking forward to oh11 though.

  8. Great recap! Thanks to my night job I have missed ALL the shows this year. I did get to go to the movies once though. I saw the new Nightmare on Elm Street. Loved it, though it can’t touch the original.

  9. Dolly says:

    Great recap :-)) Enjoyed reading about your year, and you’ve certainly had the busy one. Yes 2011 does sound very futuristic, doesn’t it? Even though it’s our present, and nothing much has changed. But hopefully it will be more productive than 2010 for me in terms of finishing editing. That’s what I am hoping for :-))
    Looking forward to sharing 2011 journey with you too. Keep blogging. xx

  10. Adam says:

    Great list! Thanks for the mention, too! Glad you likey. 🙂


  11. C R Ward says:

    Great list, although how could you have forgotten about Bones? I don’t see Castle anywhere on there either. 🙂

    Have a great New Year!

  12. Thanks everyone ;o) Hope you have a safe and happy New Year!!

  13. This post makes me happy, and super itchy to read the books you mentioned. Mmm… Simone Elkes…

    I cannot wait to swap wips!!

  14. HI! It’s fun to find someone else who is wild about Dexter! I loved The Sky is Everywhere as well. Happy New Year.

  15. Me either, Mel ;o) Thanks!

    Catherine, Both are my fav’s so cool to meet a fellow fan!

  16. The Sky is Everywhere was my favorite book last year.

    I didn’t watch any TV last year except movies and brief snippets of news and shows.

    I’m behind in movies, but I’d like to watch Easy A.

  17. eeleenlee says:

    Great fun post.
    I still love Back to the Future II, despite its incorrect predictions. Nothing dates faster than projections of the near future.

  18. eeleenlee says:

    Great fun post.
    I still love Back to the Future II, despite its incorrect predictions. Nothing dates faster than projections of the near future.

  19. Thanks eeleenlee,I like the first better, but I agree, it does date it ;o)

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