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Buy a Book – Save an Endangered Species!

Hi Everyone!!

I want to share some exciting news!! A special edition of Heather McCorkle’s The Secret Of Spruce Knoll is releasing from Compass Press this month and she’s doing a special tour to go along with it. The special part, a percentage of the proceeds from every special edition sold (in every format) between its release date and 12-17-2012, will go toward Heather’s favorite charity that protects endangered species. Her goal is to make at least $10,000 for the charity.

How cool is that?! Let’s save some animals!

Look at the book. *pets* SO pretty.

Of course there are prizes during the tour which goes from December 1st through the 17th. Prizes include a symbolic endangered species adoption of the winner’s choice (a $50 donation by Heather to the charity for the endangered species of the winner’s choice, and cute stuffed animal for the winner!), signed copies of her novels and great swag. For full details, and to enter, go here.

For the tour, Heather has asked each blog host to pick their favorite endangered species and she will tell us a fun or interesting fact about that animal.

I picked the WHITE TIGER. I’ve had the pleasure of working with a white tiger up close. Some of you may not know but, I had a marketing internship in college at Binder Park Zoo and at the time we had a beautiful white tiger loaned to us from the Nashville Zoo. Her roommate was a puppy named Alex. I actually got to see her out of her habitat, running around. It was magical, I tell you. She was also on the Today show when I was there. So, I have a special place in my heart for these cats of the wild. Here’s an article (scroll up on the paper to see the pic) I found online with an actual picture of her at Binder Park and the puppy Alex! Such a sweetie.

Heather: Your choice is near and dear to my heart Erica. White tigers have fascinated me since I was a kid. Contrary to some beliefs, the white tiger isn’t actually a sub-species of tiger, it’s a recessive mutant gene in the Bengal tiger. Sadly, there are very few in the wild as only one wild Bengal tiger birth in 10,000 is a white tiger. And with less than 3200 (and declining) tigers existing in the wild today, the odds for the white tiger aren’t good.

Thanks for visiting, Heather!! Let’s get to that $10,000!!

Have a great rest of the week and weekend, Everyone ;o)

<3 Er

10 Responses to “Buy a Book – Save an Endangered Species!”

  1. Erica, I envy you that internship at the zoo. Thanks for helping Heather! Have a beautiful weekend, Roland

  2. Blogger keeps knocking me off my friends’ follower lists. I’ve rejoined yours. Check to see if those scoundrels knocked you off of mine. Grrrrr. Someone should sic a white tiger on them! LOL.

  3. You have a beautiful weekend too, Roland!! I LOVED working at the zoo, so much fun ;o)

    What?? The horror you say. I agree, let’s sic one on them. I’ll check and make sure I’m in yours too. Thanks for stopping by ;o)

  4. Erica, Thanks so much for honoring Heather and taking the tour. The white tiger is so gorgeous. What a great selection.

    Happy Holidays!

  5. It must have been amazing to see a white tiger like that!

  6. Heather says:

    Erica, thank you so much for having me over. And wow, an internship at the zoo sounds amazing!

    Roland, Karlene, and Golden Eagle, thank you all so much for following along my tour. It means SO much!

  7. Thanks Karlene! I love white tigers ;o)

    Golden Eagle, It was AMAZING. They are such beautiful creatures ;o) I was very lucky.

    Heather, what you are doing is so awesome!! Lots of good Karma coming to you, dear ;o) I LOVE the zoo, I felt at home. My mom would agree, she always thought I belonged in a zoo. LOL! Thanks for stopping by ;o)

  8. Oh I’m jealous too!! I would also have love to work in a zoo! I don’t think you got to pet the tiger, right? lol

    And I love Heather!! I think that supporting endangered species with what she’s doing is just awesome!

    And thanks for stopping by my blog the other day and sending good vibes! I was happy to see you around! 😀

  9. Monica! Sadly, I did not get to pet her, but some of the zoo-keepers were able to! I agree, Heather is great!! What a nice thing to do ;o)

    I am happy to see you around too!! And what awesome news you’ve had lately!!! YAY! ;o)

  10. Yay Heather! I love what she’s doing here.

    Look at that beautiful white tiger. What a great cause!

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