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After the Madness Workshop!!

Hi Everyone!!
I hope this post finds you all happy and enjoying the sun ;o) I know we’ve been here in Michigan. It’s like friggin’ summer out there! I had to paint my toenails already. AND the air went on last night! I KNOW. Pack your bags, the world’s ending. I’m kidding. Unless it does, but then if it does, I won’t know, neither will you. We’ll all be gone. Yikes. That was morbid. Onto the reason for this post. LOL Stay with me… It’s good, I promise.
So. I’ve agreed to do something fun. Something I’ve never done before… I know. But… we all need to challenge ourselves, yes? Some of you may have known, and some maybe not, that I was a slush reader for the recent #pitchmadness blog contest orchestrated by my friends Brenda Drake, Shelley Watters and Cassandra Marshall. By the way, they all have fantastic blogs if you’re looking for a new one ;o) Well, I had a blast being involved, so Brenda asked me to come back for a critique session. YAY! SO…. since Brenda wrote such a nice post about it, I’m going to let her tell you!! 
Brenda’s (much better way of saying everything) post:
When reading for our recent PitchMadness, we noticed the entries that didn’t make it to the agent match was because the first words weren’t hooking us. There wasn’t a unique element to pull us in, the setting was right but the action was too familiar, or the story started in the wrong place. So we decided to do another workshop focusing solely on the opening page. 
Shelley Watters, Erica Chapman, and the writers at YAtopia are joining me in critiquing your opening words on their sites this month. 
Shelley Watters
Erica Chapman (that’s me! Whooo!)

Here how it’s going down…
If you want to join in sign up on the linky below. Remember your entry will be placed on our blogs and critiqued not only by us but also by your peers. We’re accepting up to 40 60 participants. We’ll be critiquing two each per day starting March 26. Depending on the success, we may open another round at a later date. After you sign up on the linky below email your first 250 words of your manuscript (finished or unfinished – any genre) to brendadrakecontests@gmail.comAgain, don’t wait. Email your entries right away. 

Only the first 40 60 will make it into the workshop, so hurry and sign-up now at Brenda Drake’s Blog!!


<3 Er

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