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Intern Files – Quick Note About Louise Fury’s Query Files

Hello Everyone!!

I hope you are all doing well!! I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but I’ve been tweeting my way through fabulous agent, Louise Fury’s slush pile. Our hope with this is to help aspiring authors by giving them a look into the query pile from the eyes of an intern. I’ve never been in the slush pile other than IN the pile itself, so this has been eye-opening. Being Louise’s intern is an amazing experience. One I hope to make last for a long time ;o)

Just a quick explanation about the files I’ve been tweeting about. 

Rejection File – has queries/pages that get read by Louise first then at least one other person. 

Reconsider File –  has queries/pages that are read by at least two different people for a total of four times. This is done because Louise thinks they have merit and she wants to seriously consider the writing and concepts. She is unable reconsider everything and can’t read everyone’s full manuscript, but she does try to give these particular queries a chance.

There are other folders too, but these are the two I’m able to view and comment on as of now ;o) 

A few notes about the tweets. I won’t tweet specifics about ANY query or pages. All my tweets will be general things I’m noticing about why I do or do not like something. Also, remember these tweets are MY OPINION, not necessarily Louise’s. That’s not to say, she doesn’t agree with what I’m tweeting, but I want to make that distinction. Louise is in support of me tweeting. I know. She’s AWESOME ;o) 

If you have any questions during the tweets, I’ll try and answer them as soon as I can. OR you can ask here too. 

A more extensive blog post will be coming on Louise’s blog! So make sure to look out for that later this month.

Good luck out there!! See you on twitter ;o)

<3 Er

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3 Responses to “Intern Files – Quick Note About Louise Fury’s Query Files”

  1. This is an awesome idea, Erica. It’s been really helpful.

  2. Have been watching. Laughing. Going bug-eyes at some of the comments, then laughing more. Thanks for the comments.

  3. I love that you’re doing this. I think it’s really useful for writers. And dude, how cool that you’re an intern for Louise!

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