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Intern Files – Super Intern Contest!

Hi Everyone!!
This post is a little late, but the contest is still going on!! This feels slightly self-serving (which I get uncomfortable with), but I wanted to spread the word AND I’m always up for helping my fellow writers!
So I’m going to be part of something cool. My bestie CP, Brenda Drake is doing a fun contest where 30 lucky peeps get to have my unbiased opinion on their pitch. Fun, huh? There’s prizes!
Wanna know what?
Thought you’d never ask! Okay, the deets are below (in Brenda’s words, ’cause she’s better at this stuff and has a grazillion contests) Good luck!
We had many participants of The Writer’s Voice ask what was wrong with their pitch and why it didn’t make it into the contest. There are so many reasons why an entry might not have been chosen. Tastes are subjective. There were 200 entries and we each could only pick ten. There were many I wanted, but had to pass on. So for me, it came down to knowing if I could make a difference, if I could coach the writer, and if the premise excited me. 
Anyway, I got to thinking (I know dangerous, right?) and came up with an idea to have my CP and one of my besties, Erica M. Chapman, who’s an agent intern for Louise Fury with L. Perkins Agency tell thirty lucky writers when she stopped reading their pitches or which ones would make it out of the slush pile. 
Not enough? My other besties, Shelley Watters and Monica B.W. and I are giving away critiques as prizes. Plus you never know, if Erica likes any of the entries enough, she just might recommend them to Louise Fury.
How it’s going down … 
Enter in the Rafflecopter below. You can earn many entries. On June 9th will select 30 lucky winners to participate in the Super Intern Contest. This is not for the faint of heart, so don’t sign up unless you can handle the honesty. I will post the 30 winners along with instructions on June 10th, so check back then to see if you won. You must be ready to email me your pitches immediately. Good luck everyone!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Brenda, Monica and Shelley are great at what they do! I’m excited to work with them on this.
So get those entries in!!
See you in the trenches ;o)
<3 Er

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