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So. Is That A Pig Who Just Flew By Or Did I Get An Agent?

Hi Everyone!!

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying your summer!! Mine just got a lot better (understatement of the year)!!

At first, I couldn’t find a pic of a flying pig (apparently they don’t exist, Ha) so my lovely friend Leigh Ann sent me this one, it’s all legit ‘n stuff, so… we cool.

SO. Yeah. This blog post is kind of hard to write, which is weird. Honestly, I’ve met SO many awesome friends, tweeps, bloggers, agents, editors, writers, authors, animals (wanted to see if you were still reading) who have enriched my life and made it possible for me to write a blog post of this nature.

I’m THRILLED to announce (if you haven’t already guessed) that I have an agent!! SHE is amazing. Okay, okay, I’ll tell you who. It’s JUDITH ENGRACIA from the AWESOME Liza Dawson Associates. I’m SO excited to work with her!!

GUYS. Jude is the best. Here’s our little story…

I sent her a query for my NaNo 2010 MS (yes, that’s 2010. I revised/rewrote the crap out of it)… and I get a response back from her saying she was speechless and to send my MS right away. I sent it to her. A week later I get an email from her saying she started my MS and should be done in a couple hours and would I like to talk. UM WHAT? I mean, she said she wasn’t even done with it. So, naturally I thought she couldn’t possibly offer. BUT. She did. After she finished it, of course. She started the conversation by telling me my MS is a mash-up of Equilibrium, Minority Report and Shutter Island. I loved her instantly. We make an awesome team. She’s so personable, sweet, patient. She’s enthusiastic about my writing and loves my ideas for my other WIP’s. I wanted to say YES, I wanted to scream it from the rafters (I don’t have any rafters) BUT. I did have some fulls out that I had to follow-up on. Which I did, and I think I actually made sort of friends with one of the agents that rejected me. Who knew?

So, my journey to agentdom isn’t that interesting, but since people loves stats, I’ll post them ;o)

Queries sent: 32
Rejections: 19
No-response: 4
Requests from queries: 10 
Requests from Miss Snark’s Baker’s Dozen/Writer’s Voice contests: 7
Ninja agent (found me on twitter): 1

I have a list a mile-long of people I could thank for putting up with my crap helping me along the way, whether it was with encouragement, beta reading, talking me off a ledge, or just being there. Here we go. I know I will inevitably forget someone.

First, Brenda Drake. She’s my Alpha everything and one of my best friends. We meet in NaNo 2010 and have pretty much been inseparable since. LOVE her. Next, Carolina Valdez Miller. She’s one of my favorite writer besties, soul sisters, whatever you want to call it. I love her. She’s been there for me and she’s awesome beyond words. I have to thank the AWESOME Melanie Hoo who is an AMAZING friend and SO much fun to hang with (oh, the memories) The next group are also my writer besties, CP’s, overall SUPERB individuals: Cecily White, Leigh Ann Kopens, Adrien-Luc Sanders, Kristen Yard, Jamie Grey, MarikeN, Dahlia AF, @INukeYou, @ifollowthenight, Cait Peterson, Chessie Zappia, Megan Whitmer, LK Gardner Griffie, Jamie DeBree and Brooklyn Ann. Also, a shout out to my new agent sister, KT Hanna. I’m SO excited to be a part of #TeamJude ;o)

AND Of course, All my bloggy and twitter pals!! YOU (that’s right, I’m talking to you) are amazing and I LOVE you!! I HAVE to give a shout out to the wonderful Louise Fury who is always there for support and she sends me some seriously AMAZING MS’s. I’m not going anywhere, you’re stuck with me ;o)

Last but certainly not least #clicheoftheday My wonderful husband who braves lonely nights while I write and who is incredibly supportive of my choices. AND my sister, who was one of my first readers. I know she’ll always be there to read every crappy version of every story I write and still tell me she loves it.

DUDE. That’s a seriously long post. Sorry for that. Thank you for being here and for reading my incredibly sporadic blog posts. I’m so glad to have the best mosh pit on the internet!!!


104 Responses to “So. Is That A Pig Who Just Flew By Or Did I Get An Agent?”

  1. Megan says:


    You’re amazing and your MS is amazing. I’m so so so happy for you!!

  2. Dahlia says:

    Woooohooooooooo!!!!! Congrats, E!!! So glad you founds someone who loves KILLER ISLAND (sorry, sorry, ANOMALY) as much of those of us who’ve been lucky enough to have read it do, and I can’t wait to get my autographed copy!!! Yaaaaay! <3<3<3

  3. K.T. Hanna says:

    I’m so excited! It’s wonderful to have you as an agent sister – and I can’t wait to see the book on the shelves!


  4. Congrats! So excited for you and by the sounds of it (all that twitter chatter), your MS is AWESOME.

  5. Leigh Ann says:




    You are seriously the best. I am so BEYOND ELATED for you but mostly happy that everyone in the universe will soon be getting the chance to read ANOMALY and LOVING IT UP like I did.


    • AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! *RUNS AROUND WITH YOU* MAN, Leigh Ann, I can’t tell you how glad I am that you stalked me. I can’t imagine this journey without you and luckily I don’t have to!!! <3<3<3 *hugs*

  6. AngiNicole says:

    I’m so incredibly happy for you!!! I wan to be verbose but I’m just so happy words escape me!! Happy! So happy! (((hugs))) <---All of them!

  7. Congratulations!! Here’s to this being the first in a long series of awesome good-news blog posts. 😀


    :DDDDD I think everyone else pretty much already summed everything up. But my thoughts in a nutshell:


  9. Kimberly says:

    Wahoo! Congratulations, this is so awesome – I love your post. Oh, and I love the picture too – so cute.

  10. Congratulations!! That is sooooo exciting!

    I love success stories and I just added yours to my list!

    Enjoy this milestone!!!

  11. Lola Sharp says:

    WOOHOO!!!!! CONGRATS, Erica! 🙂

  12. OH YAY!!!!! Congratulations!!!!! 😀 !!

  13. Raven says:

    Congratulations! <3

  14. Congrats! She is an AWESOME AGENT and you definitely deserve it!

  15. YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!! Congratulations!!!!!

  16. Wowie zowie! Congratulations!!!!!! I can’t wait to read your book!

  17. MC Howe says:

    Congratulations Erica! You rock!

  18. Scott Moon says:

    Great work Erica! You seriously earned it. Since I started following you on Twitter, it has seemed you have pulled out all the stops to pursue the dream! So happy for you!

  19. You know we’ve had this conversation before. There is no way you love me more than I love you–you’re easier to love. LOL I loved this premise from the first scene you posted in the NaNo chat room. Seriously, today is an aMAZing day and this couldn’t have happened to a more deserving, generous person. I love you, man! Congratulations!!! (P.S. I told you so!)

  20. andimjulie says:

    This is amazing x’s 138758937982! CONGRATULATIONS!

  21. Love these kinds of posts! Congratulations to you! christy

  22. Suzi says:


  23. I’m so excited for you and know you’ve put a ton of work into it. You have the vision and drive. 🙂 And you’re an all around super sweetie who deserves the best.

  24. Fantastic!!!! What a great post/story, and I’m SO excited for you!!!! 😀

  25. Emily says:

    Congratulations! I saw your entry on The Writer’s Voice and knew you’d snag an agent. Also, I was in the Super Intern contest and because of you, Brenda critiqued my first chapter. That has led to so many great things for me. So, thank you! And best of luck with your book. I can’t wait to buy it.

  26. Lauren says:

    Congratulations! From what I saw during the writers voice, your writing is so engaging. I cannot wait to buy your book.

  27. MarcyKate says:

    So excited for you, Erica!! ANOMALY Sounds fantastic! Congratulations!!! 😀

  28. VikLit says:

    Many many congratulations, have posted such in my blog and told others to come say so too. Always happy to hear such good news for people! Look forward to reading your work when it’s PUBLISHED!!

  29. Jamie Grey says:

    I am SOOOO Late to this party and you already know how excited I am but OMG SQUEEEE!! You are amazing, Erica, and your book is astonishing in all the best ways! You SO deserve this – I’m SO glad Leigh Ann stalked you too :)) (Go Blue!)

  30. I already said it on Twitter but will say it again here: Congrats congrats congrats! That is simply amazing 😀 Go you, fellow intern 😉

  31. Gina says:

    CONGRATS ERICA!!!! What a great story! I love a happy ending :)))

  32. Marieke says:

    ERICAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO SO SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDD


    *runs around*


    *dances more*


  33. AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats man!!!

  34. Congrats Erica! Can’t wait to read it!!!

  35. Brandi says:

    Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your experience. Can’t wait to read this masterpiece.

  36. Congratulations… how exciting for you! Good luck with the next steps!

  37. I’m here via Leigh Ann Kopans to say CONGRATULATIONS!! I’m so happy for you!

  38. Cassie Mae says:

    Congratulations!!! With the contact I’ve had with Judith, she is amazing! You guys are so lucky to get to work together! Woot woot!

  39. Jude is AWESOME!! Congrats to you both!!

  40. Rachel says:

    Wow! Such great news! Congratulations!!! 10 requests? That must be a stellar query.

  41. OMG lady you have some serious fans! I am so unbelievably happy for you — you have no idea! When I got the text from you I shouted to everyone around me that you got an agent. I cannot wait to ride along with you on the next parts of your journey.

    Love you girl! <3<3<3

  42. Ohhh!! I had no idea you’d announced!! BUT YAY!!! You know I can’t be happier for you, and I think you’re awesome! And I’m jumping up and down with you!!! <33333333 CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN! *smooch*

  43. A huge congratulations!!!

  44. Congrats Erica! This is so exciting!! Your MS sounds awesome! I look forward to following your journey on its path to publication. I also love that you revised the the crap out of your 2010 MS. Inspiring. Very happy for you!

  45. I am SO SO excited for you!!!! I hope great things are in store for you with your new agent!! 😀

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