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Pitch Live! Agent Round

Welcome to the agent round of Pitch Live! The following entries have made it through the first round and are in the following posts after this one. Please no comments other than those from agents. If  you want to comment on the entries please go to this post here and click on each participants’ link. From today, October 17 – October 19 the agents will hop around and request pages from their favorite pitches.Check out all the agents viewing the pitches on this post here.
Submissions: Should you get a request from one of the agents, go to their websites and follow their submission guidelines. In your submission, make sure to put this in the subject line: Pitch Live Requested Material: TITLE OF YOUR NOVEL. Unless, of course, the agent puts specific instructions in the comments of your posts. 
There’s a total of 30 videos and I’m hosting 10 of them here on my blog. So make sure to visit my hosts’ blogs for the other entries…
Leigh Ann Kopans 
Leigh Ann Kopans                                                       Brenda Drake             
We had a vote going for the best video during the blogfest part of the contest, so we’ll announce the winners now. 
The runners up from the blogfest vote for best video, each receiving a $10 gift card from Amazon are …
Sarah Blair and John Krissilas
And the top dog, Grand Poopah of video pitches, panty slinger, elevator riding champ, and the winner of a $25 gift card from Amazon is …
Lauren McKellar
Winners please send an email to to claim your prize.

Keep scrolling for the video pitches…

2 Responses to “Pitch Live! Agent Round”

  1. erin, thanks for picking my pitch! i am beyond thrilled!! i owe you a caramel cake!!!

  2. Go Team Erica!
    Thank for picking my pitch. With so many great choices, I’m thrilled you picked mine.

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