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Because Nick Miller is Awesome.

Hi Everyone!!
GAH. It’s been forever since I’ve written a post. So I thought, hey, I’ll write one for my birthday. Then I thought. Dude, that’s so, like, vain right? SO I’m just going to show some Nick Miller gifs the day BEFORE my birthday because Nick Miller is AWESOME. AND I am old. *whaaaaa* Sorry. Back to Nick Miller.
If you don’t know who Nick Miller is. You need to. He’s the best.
Seriously. Someone write him into a book so I can love him there too.

Have a great Tuesday!!

6 Responses to “Because Nick Miller is Awesome.”

  1. Bethany says:

    Um, yes. And AGREED. He’s such a great crier, too! And I love that of course he would aspire to be a writer. Good. Times. <3

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nick Miller is awesome. And so is SCHMITTY!

    <3 CareyTorg

  3. I adore Nick Miller! Great post! 🙂

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