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How Do You Prioritize YOUR story ideas?

Hi Everyone!!

I hope you’re having a good week. I’ve been a little plague-y this week, but hopefully I’m at the end of this crud ;o)

Many writers have many ideas.

Stating the obvious again, Erica? Real original. I know. I know. Stick with me it gets better…

So sometimes these ideas manifest into actual books. Some into half books, some simply stay ideas.

But how do you know which to write? And when? What does it take to prioritize the ideas in your head and finally get something on paper? For some there isn’t a system. Maybe you just write in order of the ideas that come. Maybe you work in a series format and need to write the next in the series. Maybe you throw a dart at the wall of ideas and it chooses for you. Whatever you do, my guess is it works. It’s what you feel comfortable with. But for those who don’t always know, I’ll share what works for me.

7 ways to prioritize your story ideas

What about you? How do you prioritize your ideas?
Rock on, Er
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