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Blog Tour: THIS IS W.A.R. – Who Would You Cast: Lina

Hi Everyone!!

I’m SO excited to have a chance to be a stop on Lisa and Laura Roecker’s THIS IS W.A.R. blog tour! You may not know this, but I featured their blog here in January 2010. If you’re curious you can read the post here. Lisa and Laura have always been so kind to me so I’m thrilled to have a chance to return their kindness by telling all of you about their AWESOME book!

Below is a little about THIS IS W.A.R.

This is not a story of forgiveness…

The mystery of their best friend’s murder drives four girls to destroy the Gregory family.
Everyone at Hawthorne Lake Country Club saw Willa Ames-Rowan climb into a boat with James Gregory, the Club’s heir apparent.
And everyone at Hawthorne Lake Country Club watched him return. Alone.
They all know he killed her. But none of them will say a word. The Gregory family is very, very good at making problems go away.
Enter the W.A.R.—the war to avenge Willa Ames-Rowan. Four girls. Four very different motives for justice and revenge, and only one rule: destroy the Gregory family at any cost.
I adore Lisa and Laura’s voice. I fell in love with it first on their blog. They had that unique way of saying exactly what I was thinking. When I met them and saw that they were just as funny and sweet as their words, I knew I would read anything they wrote. THIS IS W.A.R. is packed full of their wonderful voices AND thanks to Soho Teen you have a chance to win a copy. Just fill out the Rafflecopter at the end of this post!

SO. Today we’re talking about who Lisa and Laura would cast as Lina! Lina just happens to be one of my favorite characters in the book, so to say it better than me, I’m passing the guitar pick onto Lisa and Laura…

Lina would be played by a girl we went to high school with named Jenny. Lina has bleach blonde hair and tattoos up and down both arms. She’s striking. The best part about casting our books is that we can pull names from our childhood in addition to celebrities because we obviously know the same people. FYI people we know from high school: we may or may not have borrowed your picture from Facebook when we’re outlining characters. You’re welcome.

*For obvious reasons, we cannot include Jenny’s picture without asking. Don’t think we didn’t consider asking. If it weren’t socially unacceptable and stalkerish, we would most definitely request a picture. But that may result in some sort of legal “situation” and we’re not in the mood.

Gotta love authors who pull from real life. I’m SURE I’ve done the same thing!

Thank you, Ladies!!


Lisa and Laura Roecker are sisters-turned-writing partners with a passion for good books, pop culture, and Bravo programming. Not necessarily in that order. A prepubescent obsession with Lois Duncan and their mother’s insistence that they read Men Are Just Desserts inspired This is WAR. The sisters live in Cleveland, Ohio, in separate residences. Their husbands wouldn’t agree to a duplex. Cyberstalking is always encouraged at and @landlroecker on Twitter.

Want more of Lisa and Laura? Links below!

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Big Thank You to Soho Teen for offering a copy of THIS IS W.A.R. for this giveaway! You can Enter below. U.S. & Canada Residents only please.

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5 Responses to “Blog Tour: THIS IS W.A.R. – Who Would You Cast: Lina”

  1. Andrew says:

    Woot! I have the Lies that Bind by them. Need the first book tho! Oh well, this one looks awesome too!

  2. This sounds like an amazing read!

  3. Valia Lind says:

    This book has been everywhere lately! I’m excited to read it! 🙂

  4. Tammy says:

    Loved Lois Duncan as a kid! I still have one of her books from my childhood. She knows how to write girls out for revenge.

  5. Thanks for entering everyone!! Hope you all read it!!

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