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Social Media & You – Branding

Hi Everyone!!

I hope you’re having a good weekend so far ;o) I wrote this blog post instead of revising or doing anything I’m supposed to, so you get to enjoy the fruits of my procrastination. YAY!


It’s time for another installment of Social Media & You! Just to refresh those who didn’t see my first post on this subject, Social Media & You – The Basics, this is a blog series about what I’ve learned in social media from my day job as a Social Media Manager for eCommerce at a large pharmaceutical company. I’ve recently earned a Mini-MBA in Social Media Marketing from Rutgers University and learned a TON in that week-long course. So I figured I’d share some of my knowledge as it pertains to being a writer/author in case some of you may not know this. Here we go. PART II.

Consistency creates brand loyalty. Your name is a brand.


We talked last time about branding your name across the social media outlets, which is incredibly important, also important? Branding your graphics. Do your best to make all the templates the same for graphics you post. Are you sharing a quote from your book? Announcing a tour? The best way to create brand loyalty is to use the same template and images. Most authors I’ve seen do this pretty well. This can be your characters, images from the cover, anything you want. The key here is Consistency. It helps those that follow you or “like” you to feel loyalty to your brand. Also, be aware of the sizes for each social media outlet. You don’t want your beautiful cover to get cut off by the size limit. I’ll post a few of the commonly used sizes below so you have them. Click this link for a more comprehensive list of the sizes including size specs for Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin, and Google+.





If you need help resizing your images, don’t fret. Most photo applications have ways for you to customize sizes. Also, you can crop existing graphics or photos, but it’s best to just create each graphic the correct size of that particular media outlet’s specifications. It helps, trust me! Even Andrew Garfield thinks so ;o)



Just like in your novels, keeping the same voice when you post is important. There’s nothing more unsettling than following someone (after getting attached to their voice) only to find them sharing or posting something completely opposite of their voice. I’m not saying not to post funny things or even share the occasional graphic that you’ve never shared, but make sure it fits the brand you’ve created. Keep the posts unique to you and of course be yourself, but be aware of what your “fans” like about you and keep that up. Voice matters everywhere.

To Swear or Not To Swear

This is a tough one. I swear a lot in real life. I know. GASP. But I don’t online, or I try not to. This is my personal choice. I personally don’t care if others swear. I have a good amount of swear words in my novels, so needless to say, I’m cool with it. It’s definitely a choice every author/writer has to make on their own. My two cents goes back to consistency. Whatever you choose your voice to be, stick to it. If you start dropping f-bombs out of nowhere after not swearing on your feed for the last two years, people may notice.


Those are just a few of my suggestions for branding. I’m sure there’s more I can say on the subject, but we’ll just save that for next time. Let me know if you want me to cover anything in particular or if you have any questions. Hit me up on twitter or ask in the comments!


Thanks, rock stars!


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