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about me



Erica M. Chapman writes dark, emotional YA novels with a burst of humor, and lighter contemporaries with smart-ass protagonists. Her first novel, TEACH ME TO FORGET (Simon Pulse/S&S) is out now! She’s a member of SCBWI, RWA & Sweet16s, and a lifetime Lions and Michigan football fan who loves alternative music. She loves to tweet and watch various CW & Freeform shows while typing her next story on a MacBook in a Detroit Lions Snuggie. Her writing is represented by the lovely Christa Heschke of McIntosh & Otis.


10 random facts…

1. I have a music note tattoo on the outside of my wrist because music is one of the largest influences in my life.

2. I LOVE the Foo Fighters.

3. My two favorite shows of all time both have Michael C. Hall in them.

4. I’m a heart survivor and have had 3 open heart surgeries; no worries all is great!

5. I’m afraid of clowns, and puppets, and puppet-clowns.

6. I started writing poetry before writing novels.

7. I’m a proud Star Wars geek and love everything about space.

8. I can play “Mr. Jones” on the guitar along with several other rock songs.

9. I sang on stage at Carnegie Hall in college.

10. I love animals and cry at the end of every episode of Too Cute when I see where the animals end up.

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