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The Secret Underground: Help Baby Jayden

Hi Everyone!!

I hope you are all doing well today ;o)

Today’s post is important. Not because the usual reason. I didn’t get a book deal. In fact, this post isn’t about me at all. It’s more important than me right now. You’ll see why…

My bloggy friend and overall AWESOME author and individual, Natalie Bahm has a new book coming out. I’m thrilled to be able to share this information with you, because Natalie, her agent, the amazing Sara Megibow, and many of Natalie’s friends made it possible for Natalie to donate 100% of the profits of this book to Baby Jayden’s cause.

All of it.

Natalie’s first book, a middle grade adventure called The Secret Underground, will be come out September 28th. I already pre-ordered my copy!!

This video explains more about the project.

The Secret Underground will be available from all major online booksellers in both print and eBook starting September 28.   It is currently available for pre-order through Amazon and Apple/iTunes.

Find more information in the links below.



Jayden’s Blog




You may be asking… What can I do to help? BUY THE BOOK & SPREAD THE WORD.

Let’s help this little boy get healthy and stay healthy so he can grow up and read Natalie’s amazing book that made a difference.

Much love to you all!

#PitchMadness Reflection & WINNER of the YA Misfits Giveaway!


WOW, what a week. Pitch Madness was a BLAST! What a CRAZY, WILD ride!! Thanks SO MUCH to Brenda Drake, YAtopia and Shelley Watters for sharing host duties and covering for me when I was at work. Also, thanks to our wonderful slush readers: K.T. HannaKat EllisRebecca CoffindafferDee (@writefor apples), Stephanie Diaz, & Summer Heacock

Some of my favorites got multiple requests and some didn’t get any at all. To those that did. CONGRATS!! I’m SO very happy and I will be praying for you all to get agents from them!!

For those writers that didn’t get requests, I want you to know, I know how it feels. I eluded to this in a tweet, but for those that didn’t see it. I want to reiterate something. I was in the Writer’s Voice contest in May, you may have heard of it. LOL


I had high hopes. I’d been told my premise and story were original. I’d gotten multiple requests in a previous contest (Miss Snark’s Baker’s Dozen which is happening again this year. GO and do it!). I was prepared for at least one or two requests, maybe, just based on the previous contest. 

You know how many I got?


I watched all my wonderful friends get requests. I was TRULY and SINCERELY happy for them. That’s certainly not why I’m writing this post–to be all WHAAAH. No one picked me. Not my style.

I’ve been in a contest where I got a huge amount of requests and I’ve been in a contest where I had none. I have to tell you. I learned THE MOST from the one I didn’t receive any. I was taken down to my core. I was on display. I felt like I was disappointing my friends who believed in me. I felt like I was letting myself down, my characters, everyone.


I wouldn’t change a thing. NOT ONE THING. Those are the real tests. When you get knocked down and you pick yourself up. 

So that’s what I did. I sent out a few more queries and you know what? I got an agent just TWO MONTHS later.

A good friend, *cough* Leigh Ann, once told me, “Ya Never Know.” And you know what? YOU DON’T.

Oooooo I get to announce the winner for the YA MISFITS contest. Just to refresh your memory. It’s for $30 at the Book Depository!!!!




Lisa, please email me at ericamchapman(at)gmail(dot)com!
Thanks to everyone who entered!!

What are your thoughts? Do you learn more when you lose?

Look for my first post on the YA Misfits blog on Monday!!! Also, check out the other excellent posts this week from my AWESOME fellow misfits!!

Whew. That was a lot for one post, eh? 

Have a wonderful Thursday and rest of the week!!!


Pitch Madness. Game On.

It’s been a long week of reading through all the amazing pitches and our wonderful readers–K.T. HannaKat EllisRebecca Coffindaffer,Dee (@writefor apples), Stephanie Diaz, & Summer Heacock–have narrowed the slush, and your game hosts have chosen sixty of the best entries for the game. Here’s the hosts urls:
Comments are set to moderation so the agent’s won’t see their competitors’ bids. Please no comments other than those from the agents. After the game later on September 12, we’ll release the moderation and let you all comment on the entries.  
Congratulations to those who’ve made it into the game! For those who haven’t made it, we are hosting a Twitter Pitch Party on September 13 from 8AM to 8PM EDT on the hashtag #PitMad

How do you twitter pitch? You tweet your twitter pitch each time you see an agent on the hashtag. The agents will request the tweets in the feed that catch their attention. Make sure to include the hashtag in your pitch and don’t @ the agents. By using the hashtag, the agents will see your pitch.

Pitch Madness Entry E-1: DISCOVERING ISAAC

Pitch Madness Entry E-1: DISCOVERING ISAAC        

Genre: Contemporary Middle Grade

Word Count: 44,000

Isaac Sanchez is searching for his place in the universe—or at least in his own family. With help from a famous scientist, a secret code, and two not-so-evil stepsisters, he just may find it.

Isaac Newton: “For the natural days are truly unequal, though they are commonly considered as equal, and used for a measure of time…”

Isaac Sanchez: Every day has 24 hours, but that doesn’t mean they’re equal. Some days, it seems like about 24 hours too many.

It all started with baseball.

I hated baseball.

I would’ve rather yanked out my own nose hairs one by one in front of the whole sixth grade wearing only yesterday’s underwear than play a baseball game. But every year, my grandma made me play. I had no choice. The worst thing about torture is that it’s not optional.

So there I was, ten minutes before the first pitch of the season, willing to give up my whole life savings (four dollars) if I could just find my mitt.

I heard Grandma calling my name from the front door. It was past time to go, and she hated to be late.

Pitch Madness Entry E-2: OFF WITH MY HEAD

Pitch Madness Entry E-2: OFF WITH MY HEAD
Genre: Young Adult Contemporary
Word Count: 67,000

Georgie was born with her head on backwards. After years of hiding from the world, she’s forced into high school, where instant infamy spurs her to revisit risky surgical options to reverse her birth defect.

“What’s wrong with your head?”

Ah, The Question. I love it so.

Most kids are too scared to come near me, but this brat and her smug momma have been watching me from the shallow end of the pool for a while. I know I stick out like a cactus in the middle of a rainforest, but the amount of attention I’ve been getting from these two is ridiculous. As usual, I’ve kept to myself in an isolated section of lounge chairs with only Frankenstein and a half-empty glass of lemonade for company.

The girl taps her foot impatiently. Oh lawdy. Even in hiding, I guess it was only a matter of time before one of them confronted me about my offensive appearance.

Spotting a half-dressed doll in her hand, I grin. “Have you ever pulled off Barbie’s head before?”

“Just one time.”

“I did too,” I say gravely. “This was her revenge.”