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Emotional Thesaurus… Awesome

So… I’m rewriting the first draft of my WIP.

Well, it pretty much sucks.
So, I’ve decided to revamp one of the characters, but I’m struggling with expressing the emotion for him- for all of them. Especially, because some of the characters are not alive, so that takes away a lot of heart beats speeding up, anything warming, electricity- the physical products of the emotions.

Well, you can imagine how happy I was to run across a blog—-> The Bookshelf Muse that had just the information I needed. It’s a fabulous resource. So, I wanted to share it with you.
You may already know about it, or you may not even need it (if so- that’s awesome) but for anyone that struggles-like me- with this, this can help 🙂
By the way, how cool are these masks? Kind of scary though. They were made by Vancouver BC mask maker, Melody Anderson.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Where Do Your Ideas Come From?

I got the idea for my current WIP by watching the series Dexter- it’s great by the way- if you’ve never seen it, put it on your list! Michael C. Hall is brilliant.
Funny thing is- it only jolted something in me-my WIP doesn’t actually have anything to do with the story or character. But- It got me writing, and that was a wonderful thing.

I form ideas from lots of places; conversations I hear, movies I’ve seen, anything really. Sometimes they just pop in my mind as an amalgam of different experiences I’ve had.

I even pick up ideas from other books- not that I use them specifically- but it may spark something I didn’t think of.

So. I’m curious… where do you get your ideas?

NaNo Idea…

Okay. I’ve made the decision to do NaNo this year- as you’ve seen in prior posts… if not, I’ll give you minute to look…. *tick tock* okay.

I’ve come up with an idea… Thanks to my new Critique Partner! She’s amazing and has a lot of cool blogs. If I remembered HTML by heart, I would totally post a link… Hey look at that– I looked it up… The Variety Pages

I loved this comic! Especially as a cat lover and writer. You can find it and others over at

This is my idea- I’m struggling with it though because it doesn’t have any fantasy or sci-fi in it- and since my current WIP, which I think is going pretty well has that, I figure I need to stick to one genre, if I’m serious about publishing someday.

A woman opens the door to two men. The first man explains that her husband died mysteriously, the second man hands her divorce papers. Now she has to go through the funeral knowing he wanted a divorce, didn’t love her etc. She needs to find out how he died, so she follows clues and finds out he was protecting her and that’s why he wanted a divorce, but the people that killed him are close to finding her and her family.

That’s all I have so far- I’m not sure how to add the fantasy/sci fi element to this? Should this take place on Mars or something? How about if he was killed for covering up a paranormal incident?

Maybe I’ll come up with something else before November… Let me know what you think.

Have a good day everyone!

Football, Writing and the Tale of the Soggy Middle

Hello fellow Writers & Friends 🙂 I hope everyone had a good weekend.

As some of you know-or may not know-I’m a huge football fan- and yes I had a great weekend because my Detroit Lions won their first game since December 23, 2007- yes that was a 7 at the end. Go LIONS!

Michigan also won- they are now 4-0, and I beat my Heads Up Fantasy Football dude to make me 3-0 in my league!

Since I love football and writing, it’s only natural to find some similarities. Such as, a clear beginning, middle and end, like a story. There are sub-plots, injuries, challenges etc.

However, what I have the most trouble with is the middle. In football- this is where the game sometimes lags- personally I like the 4th quarter- gets my blood pumping! Just as the end to my story does. Problem is- it’s already written… so I need to add some bulk to the middle- add some challenges, injuries.

I’m curious to see what everyone else has added as bulk to their drafts? Or does it all just flow out your fingers with feverish fluidity? (Love that line!- Christmas Story is one of the best for quotable lines- don’t ya think?)

Monday again– I hope this week goes quick. I did get 2,700 words written this weekend. Bonus.

Happy Monday Everyone- Hope it goes quick for you too.

The Book That Started It All

I’m just curious. What’s the one book that made you start writing, if there was one?

For me, it wasn’t really anything classic or even my favorite of all time (Harry Potter- 6 & 7). It was funny and clever.
Janet Evanovich’s Hard Eight was the first I read of her Stephanie Plum series. I would have to say the whole series got me writing. Her writing was is so inviting, so clever, yet, it isn’t pretentious. I consider myself a smart person, but there are those books I read, that I just didn’t understand…

So, what about you? Which book or books (if any) assisted in the creation of your writing career? Any books you would recommend?