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Writing On The Dark Side

I’m happy to say I made a breakthrough tonight. I actually completed 850 new words. I haven’t done that in months. I’ve deleted a lot recently, but had not been able to add much.
What’s interesting to note is how my story has taken on a way different tone than I started. It’s become rather disturbing, but for some reason, it seems to work. The problem is, the beginning of the story is a bit lighter, with humor and a love interest. So I’m afraid, I’ll have to go back and make the tone a little darker.
How do you add humor into a dark tale without it sounding fake?

Do ya ever find it hard to keep up with the media Jones’

Okay. I love being a part of a network. Who doesn’t right? I was on vacation for 10 days… and I came back to a neglected blog, countless forums, twitter and various websites.

Ahhhh, I’m never taking a media vacation again! I am so behind…

Anyone else ever feel like this after a vacation?

Whew! What a crazy week

Now that we’ve had some time to let the Internet settle…

Wow. It was quite the depressing week last week with the death of Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett and Ed McMahon and now Billy Mays the OxyClean guy, but this is not a post about depressing stuff- no siree- we are going to celebrate these lives. I’ll start with my fondest memories of the four.

Billy Mays– Watched him in the infomercials and made fun of how upbeat he was on a daily basis! He was thrilled to hock that stuff and I’m honored to have seen it 🙂

Farrah Fawcett– Don’t know a lot about her, but she had some kick-ass hair back in the day. Did you know she was only on Charlie’s Angels for 1 season? It always seemed like more.

Ed McMahon– Used to watch him announce Johnny Carson many a night with my mom and grandma. Loved the SNL parodies of him. Very funny stuff. I also watched Star Search as a kid, loved it! He was a consummate host.

Michael Jackson– Wow. This one is hard. I loved to sing and dance to him. I was constantly dancing to my Thriller Album, which was the very first record I ever owned! (now I’m dating myself) I listened to his music all my life; his oldies and newbies. Even through the controversy, I stood by him and will until someone proves me wrong. He was misunderstood and tortured and I’m sure he is thankful to finally be at peace. He doesn’t have to look at the man in the mirror anymore and be ashamed of what he sees. We knew who he was through his music and for that I will always be grateful.

Do you have any memories of these four, or anyone else?

New Pics from Alice & Wonderland

Love, Love, Love these. Can’t wait.
Any movies you can’t wait to see?

Fat is the new Black

Seriously, if I see one more show exploiting fat people… How about the new Bachelor-like show, “More to Love.” A guy gets to choose from larger women? Really?

Come on America!! Do we really need a separate show for the fat people??
And although, “Dance Your Ass Off,” looks like an entertaining show, it’s still a separate dance show for the bigger folks.
Are we that vain that we think a guy wouldn’t choose the big girl when she’s up against size 2 model? Okay, maybe I’m giving to much credit to the bachelors, but still, I don’t get it.
I never will.