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Writing Remnants- Field Museum

Hubby and I went to the Field Museum in Chicago this past weekend and learning ensued. As a burgeoning writer, I am very interested in the history of writing. These are a couple pics from the visit that I really thought were interesting.

Handwritten Magicians Book, Indonesia 1800’s

Inscribed manuscript from Indonesia, 1800’s.
Have a great Memorial Day 🙂

On an Emission to change the world…

Okay, bad pun. Sorry.

I’m geeked about Obama’s new emission standards. I have an SUV, so obviously I will have to get something new by 2016 (deadline for all cars to be 35.5 mpg) I love my SUV, and I really hope the car makers make SUV’s with better gas milage. Frankly, they should have been doing this the whole time! Also: better gas milage=less money to pay for gas… that’s always good. Oh and the people saying that the cars/SUV’s/Trucks that the factories make will be less safe, total bull crap IMO. They will make them just as safe as they are now. I don’t get why people would even say that. And those who say we will all have to drive cars… please. As if we will ever have a world without SUV’s.

On a writerly note…

I’m almost done with, Don’t Murder Your Mystery, by Chris Roerden. Good book. Lot’s of helpful stuff for all genre’s, not just Mystery. Chapter 12 or 13 (I think, book is at home) discusses the whole idea of putting yourself in all the characters eyes, not just the main character. Also it discusses the motivation for an amateur to try and find the killer?? Good question. So I looked at my reasoning for my MC to be investigating, and it wasn’t really a good one, so it helped me there. I could go on about how this book has helped me already, but I won’t.

Only 2 days till trip to Chi town…

Have a good Wednesday 🙂


On the TV Right Now: My Boys
Glee. Glee. Glee. That is a strange word.
Love this show. It most definitely brings back memories of show choir camp and traveling across the midwest to compete. I can hear my hubby snickering in the background as I write this. He has made fun of me for years about being in show choir. But, it was some of the best times I had up on that stage getting to perform. It was a blast.
…. back to the show
It was great. I can’t believe it won’t be on until the Fall… very cruel.
I’m hooked.
The tension with the two teachers and the students in the choir. I’ll admit some of it is very corny, but it makes for great t.v. I also love the singing. Journey songs are the sh*t!

Angels & Demons- Good

Saw Angels and Demons this weekend. It was good. Without giving too much away. The border that is drawn between science and religion is really intruiging. As a fan of science and religion I thought it was thought provoking and relelvant. As some of you already know through my twitter, Ewan was amazing! Love him. If you’ve read the book, which I have not yet, (will now) it’s different I’m told, but along the same lines.

I’m ready for Friday, our first real vacation in a long time. Should be fun. I wrote some more this weekend and organized my chapters into seperate docs. It helped my mental state as well, so I didn’t have to look at all the writing at once. Such a little thing, but made a huge difference!

Have a good Monday- If you can- hate Monday’s myself.

Need to Blog more

Well I figure if I’m going to have this thing I should update it once in a while. I have my golf league tonight so I’m hoping to do better than last week.

I also want to get some writing/editing done tonight. I need to get the second chapter out to my one reader brave enough to take it on. Bless you!

Ready for the weekend already… I’ll try to get more interesting, promise.

Off to golf