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Tim Burton Down the Rabbit Hole

Tim Burton is directing Alice in Wonderland the movie. I am beyond excited as this is one of my favorite Disney movies of all time!

Can’t wait to see it πŸ™‚

Dave Grohl becomes a daddy again

Since I’m such a huge Foo Fighters fan, I have to acknowledge the birth of his little girl Harper Willow. She was born Friday, April 17th.

Congrats to Dave and the fam! Hopefully he can get back to making some more Foos albums in a few months!

I was a literary agent for a day

And let me tell you. It is hard work. There were 50 queries that needed responses. I answered about 30 or so. I am amazed at how many bad query writer’s there are. If you have finished a book, I would expect you to be a better writer.

There were also some good ones. Diamonds in the rough, that caught my eye right away. Mostly though, it helped me with my own story… what to do, what not to do. So thank you Nathan Bransford and other dude who suggested this exercise. Bravo, my eyes were opened.

A killer change

Okay. I am over 24,000+ words into my WIP and I’ve decided to change who the killer is. Now I have to go back and change everything that had anything to do with the previous killer… I have learned a valuable lesson about outlining your story.

Make sure you know who the killer is before you write the damn book!!!!

Off I go…

writey write

New Poem I wrote

The Mirror of Sanity

We watch our sanity burn away, writhing in pain while we laugh behind its back.
No turning back now, no one can stop the inevitable overthrow
It’s cold and distant relative laughs back,
waiting to see if we can comprehend its very nature,
If we will ever fully grasp the totality of it
How fast we can lose it
How fragile it really is