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Monday Featured Blog- Wordplay, The Writing Life of K.M. Weiland

I’ve recently discovered many interesting and intriguing blogs. One such blog is: Wordplay, The Writing Life of K.M. Weiland

She has some of the most helpful and interesting posts out there. Her most recent post:

11 Dichotomous Characters – And Why They Work discusses the importance of dichotomy in characters. She lists her top 11 and they are an eclectic and interesting crew 🙂 Also, another great post on character development, It’s What Your Characters Do That Defines Them. There’s also a great post about strengthening your beginning that I found very useful.

She writes historical and speculative fiction, is an interactive blogger, a must add to your blog list, if she’s not already there.

Nano Update:
Hope everyone is doing well 🙂 NaNo is going well. I made it over 14,000 this weekend. It’s been quite the experience so far! I’m really enjoying this story. I just introduced a new character that wasn’t in the original outline. I’m lovin’ him though. I like when that happens, the character just pops out from a situation.

In this instance- I needed a hacker, so thus, Winger- the British, horny, paranoid, scruffy dude was born.

Will Snow serve up her friend as bait? Of course. Cause if she didn’t that would be no fun.

Enjoy your Monday!

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I’m sorry, so sorry- Blog Holiday

I had hoped that I could keep up with reading my favorite blogs and posting on mine during NaNo, but sadly, with work getting crazy– I’m just not going to be able to.

I love all your blogs and will definitely try to stop by and see what you are all up to, but I won’t be reading them daily. I expect to only post on this blog maybe twice a week. The Monday blog feature will continue since that is the only one that is the same every week.

Thank you to everyone who reads this! I will make up for it in December– it will be cold and I will be hauled up in my favorite microfiber recliner 🙂

So take care my writer friends! For those doing NaNo- I wish you many fast words, for those not participating this year, I wish you many fabulous words 🙂 (Well I wish the NaNo’ers those too.)I’ll be on twitter every night before and after my NaNo writing sessions, in case someone wants to say hello!

How much do you want to go to the location in the pic above? I do… *snaps fingers* Dang. I’m still here.

Take Care everyone! Will be in touch 🙂

Anyone care to tell me how they are still reading all their blogs and posting? You are champs if you are 🙂 I can’t keep up!

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Monday Featured Blog

Well, now it’s official I’ve done two of these. I had some positive feedback on this feature so thus it will continue until someone says they don’t like it- or until I run out of blogs…LOL!

Jamie over at The Variety Pages has a fantabulous blog. It’s the most organized one I’ve ever seen. There’s a lot of goodies about writing- a new story prompt Wednesday, and her serial Novel-The Tempest!

She posts on Monday what posts will be throughout the week- something I will never do- I’m not that organized, but I love that she does it. I know what to expect that way 🙂

Below are this week’s posts!

Monday: Weekly Goals & Reading List
Tuesday: Construction Zone – Planning a Character Arc
Wednesday: Round Robin Story Prompt
Thursday: Wildcard – Awards Ceremony
Friday: Chapter 31 of Tempest

Other than being my uber awesome Crit Partner, she is an avid blogger with (4) other blogs! Take a look below and see if any of those interest you as well.

Word Blizzard is where Jamie blogs about her NaNoWriMo experience from the beginning on. This is a private blog- so if you want to join just send her an email.

Scaryview Cemetery Scrapbook is where she records her preparation and execution of her annual Halloween party and events. There are some cool pictures- I don’t know how she gets her house back to normal after that!

Nail Art Tuesday is where she displays her nail art. She does her nails every Sunday and posts the end result on Tuesdays- there’s some interesting ones in there. Worth a looksy 🙂

Tea on Tap are reviews and notes on tea and teaware from an everyday tea lover.

On a personal note- The Halloween event at the mall was a huge success- we had over 200 kids for the costume contest and an extimated 1200-1500 kids within 3 hours!

I also saw Paranormal Activity and it was super great, and hellishly scary- I couldn’t sleep that night- good thing NaNo started- I got 2175 that night! If you want to be creeped out, by all means- see this movie- if not- don’t come near it with a ten foot pole 🙂

Happy Monday everyone- And for those NaNoing & Writing- I wish you many words!

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The Gateway to Purgatory is by the Big Gulps…

I read a lot of blogs (as do ya’ll, I’m sure) and I’ve noticed something… Some are written more eloquently than others. Now wait… That doesn’t mean that they are better, just something I noticed. Yeah, like mine is eloquent… Ha!

There are many different types out there. Some blogs: use bullets, have a lot of paragraphs, use pictures, are short, longer, some are more serious, some are strange… and you know what?

I love them all, just as they are… (Bridget Jones anyone?) Insert “Awww.”

So. I’m sure all of our writing is different too. Just like our posts.

My writing is similar to my posts, but I have to tell you, it’s definitely not the same. I watch my words very carefully in my stories. I’m sure my voice comes through in my posts and thus comes through in my stories, but there’s more than that… It’s the choice of words, dialogue and places that really make a voice unique.

For example: I chose to make the portal to Purgatory in my NaNo story, “Snow’s Falling,” at the 7-11, I mean, why not right?

So what does that mean about me? LOL! Don’t answer that.

I’m not sure someone else would choose that local, but it popped in my head and was perfect. They are in most places in the US, so it works, and who would expect that the portal to Purgatory would be there next to the Big Gulps and Slushy machine?

So… I’m wondering. What makes your voice unique and do you write like you post?

I only have a half day at work tomorrow! I’m so geeked. Just had to share- by the time some of you read this, my half day will be over, but oh well 🙂

Enjoy your Wednesday!

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Monday Blog Feature- Pensive Sarcasm

Okay. After my last post about blogging and how ya’ll do it, I’ve come up with at least Monday’s posts. So… on Mondays I’m going to feature someone else’s blog.

Pic courtesy of

I like this idea, because I follow some great blogs, and I would love to share them with all of you 🙂

So without further adieu- Matt’s blog Pensive Sarcasm

Matt’s a cool dude, with some interesting posts. Most recently, there’s a hilarious post about an encounter his friend Joe had in the bathroom with an agent… a must read!

Matt’s profile info: I’m not really sarcastic, everyone just thinks I am. I just say what I think. So, sorry. I pay my bills flying airplanes but spend my days on autopilot thinking up new worlds, or better things for this one. I write mostly fiction, with one novel complete and many more in my head.

Pop on over and check it out 🙂

So are we cool with this? Do we like this new feature? I’m trying to think of ways to organize, and this was my first thought when Matt said he wanted to gain followers.

I plan to do this every Monday. So look for yours to come shortly!

Have a great Monday 🙂

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