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Blogging- How do ya’ll do it?

I’ve been blogging for a bit now and I’m befuddled.

How in the world do you all post in your blogs everyday! I swear, I’m not that interesting. In fact, I sat here staring at this blank template- wracking my brain to find something to write about.

Let’s see, I watched football today, did laundry… Bo-Ring. So I thought- hey maybe I’ll ask my wonderful peeps how they do it? Sure- that’s the ticket. They could make me an interesting blog poster… Ha Ha

In other news- I did pick a working title. It popped in my head while I was brushing my teeth yesterday- don’t ask me why? LOL
It’s… “Snow’s Falling”

We’ll see if it sticks. For now. I’m satisfied.

So… I read all your blogs (as often as I can) you guys just seem to be more interesting… 🙂 How do you blog every day? For those like me that blog once in a while, how do you find what to say?

Hope the weather is good where you are 🙂

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Do ya ever find it hard to keep up with the media Jones’

Okay. I love being a part of a network. Who doesn’t right? I was on vacation for 10 days… and I came back to a neglected blog, countless forums, twitter and various websites.

Ahhhh, I’m never taking a media vacation again! I am so behind…

Anyone else ever feel like this after a vacation?

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Need to Blog more

Well I figure if I’m going to have this thing I should update it once in a while. I have my golf league tonight so I’m hoping to do better than last week.

I also want to get some writing/editing done tonight. I need to get the second chapter out to my one reader brave enough to take it on. Bless you!

Ready for the weekend already… I’ll try to get more interesting, promise.

Off to golf

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