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Brooklyn Ann Rocks

Curse Of The Over-Plot

Hi Everyone!!

I hope you’re having a fabulous week ;o) I also hope you enjoyed the interview with the awesome, newly-agented author, Brooklyn Ann!

Wha? You missed it? It’s okay, I just happen to have the link right Here!


I’ve come across something I may have a problem with… it’s in my current WIP. Wanna know what? You may already know… *cough* the title of the post…
I believe I’m on the verge of over-plotting my story. Why’s that? You may ask. Isn’t plotting a good thing?

It is. But.

If you’ve been revising your WIP for a few months, as I’ve been, you begin to add in twists and turns, love triangles, Back to the Future and Scooby Doo references… oh, just me? Some of these ideas will make my WIP fantastic. Some… I’m afraid are going to make it confusing and scattered. So. Here’s my dilemma.
Which twists/triangles/surprises do I keep? It’s not clear to me at this point, which would make it great and which would make it like that picture up there.
I have to ask…. do you have this problem? What was your solution? Am I being a paranoid freak? Have I been looking at my WIP too long? YES!
Probably all of the above! LOL
Have a wonderful rest of the week ;o)
Rock on!

Awesome pic found here–>

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Interview With The Fabulous Brooklyn Ann!!

Hi Everyone!

I have a special treat for you today ;o) I had the pleasure of interviewing my friend and fab author, Brooklyn Ann. She blogs, she tweets, she’s awesome. Cop a squat and let’s find out more about her!

So tell us a little about yourself.

Let’s see…Back in my goth days I was an artist, with secret dreams of being a rock star. I wrote stories, but didn’t think anything of it. I wrote my first novel and the beginning of my second during my 5 year stint as a caregiver for developmentally disabled adults. I half-heartedly queried the 1st one, but was interrupted by marriage, motherhood, then divorce. Then I met my husband and went to college for a degree in automotive. I worked as a mechanic for a couple years, but it always came back to writing.

Wow. You’ve had an exciting life! How cool, you were a mechanic!

What’s unique about your journey?

The majority of the journey took place in wake of tragedy. I lost my mother and my career in a 5 month period. The loss of my mother taught me that life was not forever and I didn’t want to waste it being miserable. So, when I inherited a small sum, I took a gamble. I used the money to take a year off and really get serious about pursuing a writing career. In the last year and a half, I purchased a laptop, learned how use the Internet, researched the industry, built up my platform, made lots of friends and connections, wrote 2 1/2 novels and landed an agent.

You have a great attitude in the midst of a tragedy. Looks like the gamble paid off!

So, you’ve recently acquired an agent… er two, the awesome Jonathon Clements and the fabulous Cari Hawks Foulk from Tribe Lit/Wheelhouse.*squeee* Congrats!! Tell us the journey to finally sealing the deal? Details… we want details!

I made friends with Cari on twitter back when she was an editor. And when Tribe lit came into being last January, I kept up with her progress, even though at first I didn’t think they represented romance. I was also already twitterfriends with most of their authors. I was querying my 2nd novel, but I learned quickly that it had a lot of issues and put it on hold to write a historical paranormal that was floating in my head. After a couple months into querying that one, (much more successfully, I must add) I learned that Tribe did indeed rep romance, so I sent a query. I got the full request while I was on my honeymoon. A little over a month later, Cari and Jonathon offered representation. My full query stats are here:

Awesome! Gotta love that Twitter.

Any special talents? Keep it “PG” Miss Brooklyn… ;o)

LOL Well, I’m an excellent cook and a semi-professional dart player. I have a partial photographic memory, and I’m a Karaoke star. I can’t sing very well, but I put on a good show and I have fans.

Oh. I’m totally flying out there to see that.

What do you do for fun?

I love to read. Seriously, it’s an addiction. I also enjoy hunting, fishing and painting. I’m also a movie buff. My favorites are 80’s B horror movies. I dig the cheesiness and the impressive latex gore.

I love 80’s movies! They crack me up.

Name one literary character you wish you were in a past life.

Elizabeth Hardwick, from Virginia Henley’s A WOMAN OF PASSION. Elizabeth was a poor farmer’s daughter who became the richest woman in England and amassed an empire. She was actually based on a real historical figure, but in the novel she gets a happier ending. She is the ancestor to the infamous Duke of Devonshire. She had a thing for older men, just like me 🙂

She sounds fantastic. I could totally see you as her.

Which would you say is more valuable to you, social media wise? Facebook, Twitter or Blogging?

Twitter, all the way. It’s brief and casual and so much easier to make connections. Almost all of my connections, including my awesome beta readers and my agent came from twitter.

Yay Twitter! If you guys are not on twitter, get on there. Seriously!

Favorite book, movie, song?

My favorite book is IT by Stephen King. I’ve read IT 9 times and will likely read it 9 more. My favorite movie…that’s tough. I think it’s a tie between Natural Born Killers, Revenge of the Nerds, Kill Bill, Spaceballs, Nightmare on Elm Street and Subspecies. My favorite song(s) are anything by Megadeth, NIN, Tori Amos, and Metal Church.

OMG. IT scared me. I hate clowns. I love Spaceballs though ;o) Nice list.

What would you do if you weren’t writing?

Since it’s a little late to pursue the rock star dream, I’d probably paint.

Um. It’s never too late. Get that voice warmed up. We’re going on the road!

Anything you want to add? Pearls of wisdom?

Pursuing your dreams is hard work, but worth it.


Thanks Brooklyn ;o) Check out her uber informative, entertaining blog Supernatural Smut.

Hope everyone has a lovely week! Until next time…

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