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Cute Kitty Videos

This is One of the CUTEST Videos I’ve Seen… Seriously

Hi Everyone!!

I hope you are all doing well and are recovering from the holidays ;o) Mine was just delightful!

So. My friend shared this video with me on facebook, and I nearly spit my hot chocolate out. It’s SO Funny and Cute.

I had to share ;o) Enjoy!!

Oh, and if you get a moment. My friend and writer-bud Brenda Drake is having a contest. The CAN YOU HIT A PERFECT PITCH contest. You could win a request to read more from agent, Ammi-Joan Paquette!!  Go on over, I know you want to ;o)

Oh, and of course GOOOOOOOO LIONS!!!!! Yes, my boys made it to the playoffs. As a lifelong LIONS fan, I’m thrilled!! Not so thrilled we’re playing New Orleans, but… what can ya do? Drew Brees, we’re coming for ya!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

<3 Er

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No Blogging This Week!

Hi Everyone,
I was up late watching the Academy Awards and did not write a Monday Featured Blog – so I’m going to use this week to work on my WIP. Or so they say, “Unplug.”

I have a lot of work to do on the WIP, and have purchased Scrivener to organize it. I love it! So off I go to get this story in order!

No worries I’ll be back in all my insanity next week ;o)

I’ll let you view some cute kitty videos in my absence!

This is the version of this video with the human voices – but it’s pretty funny!

Have a wonderful week everyone!!

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