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Dorothy Is Awesome

Packing My Bags And Heading To Dorothy’s ;o)

Hi ya!
Just peeking in for a quick post!

The uber-fab Dorothy interviewed me on her super-fantasmic blog! She’s super sweet and a great tweep. We’ve been twitter pals for a while now.

On her blog, among other awesome things, she interviews aspiring authors, and she picked me! I know. I don’t get it either… Kidding. I know. More positivity, Erica. Anyhoo, you can check it out Here ;o) There’s lots of great stuff on her blog, so stay a while and make yourself comfortable.

You can find her on twitter too –> @DorothyDreyer

Things are good on my end, got my contacts back! Yay. I’m also starting guitar lessons on Tuesday!

Oh, look for an interview post soon, with an aspiring writer-friend who just landed herself one of them there agents ;o)

Anything new to share? What have I missed? Don’t forget to register for the fab online writer’s conference writeoncon!

Have a great rest of the week everyone!!

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