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Curse Of The Over-Plot

Hi Everyone!!

I hope you’re having a fabulous week ;o) I also hope you enjoyed the interview with the awesome, newly-agented author, Brooklyn Ann!

Wha? You missed it? It’s okay, I just happen to have the link right Here!


I’ve come across something I may have a problem with… it’s in my current WIP. Wanna know what? You may already know… *cough* the title of the post…
I believe I’m on the verge of over-plotting my story. Why’s that? You may ask. Isn’t plotting a good thing?

It is. But.

If you’ve been revising your WIP for a few months, as I’ve been, you begin to add in twists and turns, love triangles, Back to the Future and Scooby Doo references… oh, just me? Some of these ideas will make my WIP fantastic. Some… I’m afraid are going to make it confusing and scattered. So. Here’s my dilemma.
Which twists/triangles/surprises do I keep? It’s not clear to me at this point, which would make it great and which would make it like that picture up there.
I have to ask…. do you have this problem? What was your solution? Am I being a paranoid freak? Have I been looking at my WIP too long? YES!
Probably all of the above! LOL
Have a wonderful rest of the week ;o)
Rock on!

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Transitions. Love ’em? Hate ’em? Have to have ’em.

Hi there!
I hope everyone is doing well and writing a lot ;o)

I’ve been working on the revision of my WIP, Believe, and it’s slow going for sure. I’ve run across some areas that have followed me around like lost kids.



Basically, how you get to where you need to be in order for the story to make sense. Bad ones can kill your story, good ones make it shine. Mediocre ones are forgettable. Right now, in some parts I’m lacking them altogether. I’ve also realized I need to add in some extra chapters and have been staring at a blank screen all night. If I knew a good transition I could be clicking away at my keys… *thinking* yep. I got nothing.

So. I’m curious. How do you do transitions? Do they come magically (and if they do I envy you) or do you have to work at them?

Over the weekend, I read SOME GIRLS ARE by Courtney Summers on Saturday (yeah in like 4 hours) it was that good. If you’re into edgy YA, this is the one for you. I LOVED it. Her voice is brilliant. She has a way of making you really feel empathy for the MC in situations I might not normally. This isn’t an official review, I just wanted to tell everyone how great it was. I can’t wait to read CRACKED UP TO BE!

Ooo. I bet you thought I was done. See what having NO TRANSITIONS does!

I have some exciting news, (like that transition there?) Sandy Shin Super writer and sketcher has a fantabulous blog! That’s not all. I recently won a super awesome contest on her blog where Sandy herself is going to sketch my MC, Snow!! Actually, there were 5 winners, Yay! You have to see the sketch she did already. Just clicky there on that link with her name and visit. It’s wonderful. I just want to thank Sandy! I’m excited to see the sketch and with her permission I’ll show it to you ;o)

Have a great week! Do something fun ;o) Happy writing!

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Where Did That Go Again?

Hi Everyone!

I’m sorry about being gone so long. I think I’m finally getting back to tip-top shape ;o) Thanks so much for all the kind words. You guys are the best!

I have a confession… I haven’t been writing a ton. I know, I know. It’s been a little nuts. But. I plan to change that soon ;o) I did read WAKE by Lisa McMann and it was fantabulous. What a great book! I love her style, her short sentence & timeline structure are perfect for an almost ADD, like myself. I’m just about done with FADE, which is also awesome! GONE is next!

Anyhoo. yes, that’s Jesse (otherwise known as Jonathan Groff) over there from Glee, one of my fav’s on tv right now, and I’m a little obsessed with him. His voice is like Butta.

So. On to writing stuff. I’ve noticed as I was going over my MS that the sequence is getting a little off. I keep moving the chapters around, and realize. Crap! I can’t do that, because this has to happen here, and that can’t happen if this happens… etc. You know what I mean. Even though my Scrivener is amazing at helping organize; it can’t change the words I have written down. So… this is my current issue with my MS. Certain things have to happen in order for it to make sense. Duh, right? LOL

Any of you have that problem when revising? Ha.
I won the “guess a number” contest over at my dear bestie Tahereh’s blog TH.Mafi Call Me Tahereh, Um. If you’re not following her. I would change that ;o) She’s awesome. Well, she sent me a lot of cool stuff.
Wanna know what?

A pop-up Moby Dick graphic book, a couple a super cool notebooks and a fabulous magnet with a quote from Judy Blume. Yes. all of that, for choosing the number 79. How cool is that? Big, huge THANKS to Tahereh!

I’m going to be guest blogging on a couple of my favorite blogs The Variety Pages & Writer Revealed this month and in early June! Yay. I know. I can barely keep up with my own blog, but it’s fun to visit others! I’ll be sharing why I write YA on Dolly’s and An Everyday Romance story on Jamie’s! I’ll post links when it’s time. No worries!

Welp, that’s all I got. I hope you are all having great weeks! I’ll be back tomorrow with the featured blog.

Be there or be circle. (why is it always square?) something to ponder whilst you wait.

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He gave me a look like I had worms crawling out my eyeballs.

Hi Everyone!

I hope you are all enjoying your week! My week back to work has been okay, just trying to catch up. I didn’t have nearly the amount of emails I thought I would, so that’s good. Revising is going well. It’s slow, but the plot holes are being filled one by one!

So, the title of this post … yeah, I wrote that. Um… what? Tell me that’s not true, you might say.

Sorry folks.

I used to think I knew good examples of similes, but now I’m not sure. I can’t seem to stop writing the weird ones.

So let’s go back to the drawing board… What is a simile? You probably already know, but it never hurts to re-introduce the brain to the actual definition… why not, right?


1. a figure of speech in which two unlike things are explicitly compared, as in “she is like a rose.

2. an instance of such a figure of speech or a use of words exemplifying it.


So on to my dilemma, I love similes, but when is too much. I don’t want them to distract from the story. Unfortunately, when my critique partner takes notice of the many similes and their collective weirdness, it’s time to re-examine their existence in the story.

This is one she liked, “We both looked through our prospective boxes searching for the two kills the Senator ordered like menu items at a restaurant.”
I’m not sure if all similes are created equal. Maybe there will be a reader that likes my wacky animal/insect similes, but more often than not, the comparisons will distract from the story, so thus, they must go. *sniff*

So.. I’m curious, what type of similes do you use? Do you have any funny or unique ones you want to share?

Have a great rest of the week!

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How Did I Get Here Again?

Hey Everyone,
I’m going to try and remember what the post said that magically disappeared… If you missed yesterday’s post, Blogger somehow lost 2 posts I had scheduled… It might be operator error, but I guess we’ll never know…

I hope everyone is over their Holiday Hangovers :o) I’m off of the day job this week and it’s great! My lil sis is visiting and we’re having a blast playing the new Mario game on the Wii along with Guitar Hero 5 :o)

Well, I’m editing my NaNo draft and I’ve come across what will surely be the annoying pricker in my well-oiled machine that is my first draft… Okay, maybe not well-oiled, maybe just slightly lubricated … Oh that sounds nasty – strike that. Let’s just say it will be a problem.

So what is this problem you may be asking… Well. How am I going to get the characters from Point A to Point B. And also, what movements are they going to make before they get there.

I mean how many times can one “gaze” at someone, or “walk” around a table or across the room. If I had a character sashay around a table or shimmy around a desk, it *might* sound ridiculous. Ha.

So what do I replace these movements with? I can have them move quickly, or dart across, maybe shuffle their feet? Okay there’s a few but I don’t want to overuse them either.

So, how do you deal with the transitions? Do you have the same problem? Any more suggestions?

I hope everyone’s having a great week :o)

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