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First Drafts

My Story Sounds Like That?

Greetings from the sheet of ice that is Michigan!

Well, I’ve been off this week and have had time to think a lot… I know – can you believe it? Ha

Well I’m revising my NaNo draft…. fun stuff, I have to tell ya. Well my sis is staying with me here for the week since I’m off. Inevitably, she asked about my story. I told her it was still in first draft mode – so barely unreadable. She didn’t care, she wanted to read it. Well she reads kind of slow – gets distracted and such. So I offered to read her a few paragraphs, so she could get an idea of the story…

Before I knew it… I was reading it out-loud to her. Who knew? She loved it. She said it was like hearing a book on tape. It was exhausting for me, but reading it out-loud, which, some twitter friends have suggested, really helped. And although I have some serious revision to do, I think it’s on its way. And the good thing, is my sis is an avid reader and a young adult, so I value her opinion.

Who knew my vacation would yield such an epiphany. Reading it out-loud does help, especially with the dialogue.

So, how do you revise? Do you read your drafts out-loud?

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Football, Writing and the Tale of the Soggy Middle

Hello fellow Writers & Friends 🙂 I hope everyone had a good weekend.

As some of you know-or may not know-I’m a huge football fan- and yes I had a great weekend because my Detroit Lions won their first game since December 23, 2007- yes that was a 7 at the end. Go LIONS!

Michigan also won- they are now 4-0, and I beat my Heads Up Fantasy Football dude to make me 3-0 in my league!

Since I love football and writing, it’s only natural to find some similarities. Such as, a clear beginning, middle and end, like a story. There are sub-plots, injuries, challenges etc.

However, what I have the most trouble with is the middle. In football- this is where the game sometimes lags- personally I like the 4th quarter- gets my blood pumping! Just as the end to my story does. Problem is- it’s already written… so I need to add some bulk to the middle- add some challenges, injuries.

I’m curious to see what everyone else has added as bulk to their drafts? Or does it all just flow out your fingers with feverish fluidity? (Love that line!- Christmas Story is one of the best for quotable lines- don’t ya think?)

Monday again– I hope this week goes quick. I did get 2,700 words written this weekend. Bonus.

Happy Monday Everyone- Hope it goes quick for you too.

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How Do You Write Your First Draft?

I’ve been on a writing streak lately. It doesn’t happen very often so I’m thrilled about it. It got me thinking… I don’t write in chapters in the first draft. I also write sequentially. I’m not sure it works well, but I can’t seem to go out of order for some reason.

For me, there needs to be a flow to the whole draft, a fluidity.

So– how do you write your first drafts? In Chapters? In order? I’m curious how the other half writes.

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