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A blog sans the word Sans. Possible? I think so…

Lately it seems that everyone is on the sans bandwagon. Um what?

sans (snz, s?)
Without– source-

When did this happen. It was like some celebrity woke up one day and decided to start using another word for without. Is without really that bad of a word? Truthfully- I don’t really mind the word. As a writer, I’m all for new words. I just wonder why I didn’t learn it at all in school or hear it before this year. Is it because I’m in the midwest? Do I not read enough?

The word sans keeps popping up everywhere from Twitter to my US mag. Is it possible to live sans the word sans?

I think so.

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There is a difference.

There is a difference between ensure and insure. I implore all of you to look before you write!

That is all 🙂

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