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Monday Featured Blogs

Monday Featured Blog – Personal Accountability Log

Greetings Everyone!
It’s about 20 degrees right now, higher than the 6 degrees it was yesterday, so yay for that ;o)

So, my husband pointed out that I’ve been spelling Snuggie wrong… LOL Not sure you noticed but I’ve been putting a “y” at the end. Woops, ya know what’s really stupid, the darn sleeve on the thing has it written out… Come on, right?

Well we have a special featured blog today. It’s not a writer’s blog, but an informational blog that provides insightful questions and sincere answers from the commenters, which makes a great combination.

Tom Bailey over at the Personal Accountability Log asks some great questions. He is a blogger who is out to help people by asking the hard questions. The comments are unique and different. It’s a good mix of what people think of each topic. Also, you get to give your opinion on subjects like passion, charity, trust and much more. His latest question looks at what questions we ask to help the unemployed. You can find it Here

One of my favorites was Do Critics Help the World. There’s a link to J.K. Rowling’s speech to the Harvard grads. It was an excellent speech and made me think.

His blog is thought-provoking, interesting and helpful. Go on over and give your opinion, you may help someone who reads it, and I’m sure Tom would like it too ;o)

Profile Info:

I enjoy being around positive people.

Post that says a little about Tom’s blog:
I have been told
#1 I will never get high traffic on this blog without posting pictures
#2 philanthropy is boring – you need to blog about something exciting
#3 I hate the colors of your screen they are annoying
#4 You need to have more things going on

I am not sure that I agree.

What do you think?

Well he has 208 followers, so I’d say he’s doing just fine!

Update: My website is now up and running. It’s been a huge learning experience, but a lot of fun too. I’d like to thank Jamie over at The Variety Pages for all the information she provided regarding the website. I kept asking her questions and she answered every one!

My work’s bowling league starts tonight – so wish me luck…. Ha.

Have a wonderful Monday :o)

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Monday Featured Blog – Frankie Writes

Hello Folks!
It’s that time again… Hopefully we won’t have anyone that has a bad case of the “Muundaays.”

I’ve spent the weekend working on my new website and recovering from the WordPress situation. Oh and recording and posting my first Vlog! If you missed it, you can watch it Here .

Well we have another fabulous blog feature today. I enjoy this blog a lot and I’m featuring it not because she made me feel bad for featuring her blog war competitor, but because I love her blog too ;o) Frankie over at Frankie Writes .

Frankie’s blog is funny, entertaining and zany – like she is :o) She recently began a series called The Real Writers – kind of a take on the Real World, but with writers – it’s really funny and clever. I always look forward to these posts! You can find the first episode Here.

As I eluded to in the introduction. Frankie is smack dab in the middle of a blog war with Shannon over at Ramblings of a Wannabe Scribe. I’ve watched this feud – and trust me when I say it’s highly entertaining. Frankie is getting ready to post the Shannon dare this week! Look for it. Oh and don’t miss out on her reenactment of a scene from Clueless- one of my fav. movies!
While you’re over there – check out her latest Vlog !

Frankie is super nice and a fun blogger! She also has gorgeous hair ;o) Hair that I am jealous of. *sigh* someday…

Profile 411 –

Welcome! Thank you for visiting my blog! Here are my Adventures in Writing my First YA Romantic Fantasy, STOLEN. You can also read about Navigating the Publishing Industry, Meeting Famous Authors, Vegan/Raw Food, Belly Dancing and the General Shenanigans that Make Up My Life! —-I also blog with the girls in my critique group at The First Novels Club Blog. You can find my Vampire Diaries Recaps there as well!

Find her on Twitter Here

Seriously folks – her blog is a must read :o)

Author C.L. Beck’s blog Write Up My Alley is donating $1 for each comment on the blog found Here in an effort to help out the people of Haiti. Donations will go to Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ Emergency Response Fund and/or to the Red Cross for every comment. The offer is good from now until Feb 5, for up to a total of $200.

Well, that’s all for today! I hope you all have a wonderful Monday. I really enjoyed my first Vlog, so look for more to come! I’m still waiting to see yours… :o)

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Monday Featured Blog – Ramblings of a Wannabe Scribe

‘ello there!
I hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was too short (as always)… Revising is going a bit slow, but I made some progress over the weekend – every little bit helps!

I saw a comedy act with my parents that was actually funny and we watched, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, how great is that title? It was a very cute movie, creative idea, and one of the strangest plots I’ve seen on screen :o)

We have a wonderful featured blog today. The stupendous Shannon over at Ramblings of a Wannabe Scribe – A random collection of thoughts from an aspiring writer. Shannon’s blog has, awesome contests, posts about writing, book recommendations and helpful & informative USC lessons which display her film school knowledge. You can find the latest lesson Here.

She recently interviewed YA author Lisa Schroeder! It was an excellent and informative interview, you can find it Here.

When she’s not in a blog war with Frankie over at Frankie Writes (highly entertaining I must say and both ladies are fantastic, funny and creative bloggers!), She is sharing little bits of her past in her Shannon Shame posts. You can view a little video she made when she was 19 Here and my personal favorite Earth Had a Snack . You don’t want to miss out on either one!

Her Profile Info –

I’m a writer who hopes to someday be a published writer–assuming I can ever finish polishing my current draft. I write and read mostly Middle Grade and Young Adult, because I’m really a big kid at heart. But I also can’t think of any job more fulfilling than getting kids to read. Reading was a HUGE part of my childhood, and it makes me sad to think of how many kids miss out on it. So if even one child reads something I write and decides to give reading a chance I’ll consider it “Mission Accomplished.” Oh, and if you need to reach me, drop me an email: packratx (at) hotmail (dot) com. I love email!

Find Shannon on Twitter as packratx Here

Shannon is a highly energetic blogger. I enjoy every post I’ve read of hers and I know you will too! She is also a super nice person.

By the way, she has 299 followers – let’s make it at least 300 for her! I know I’m not the only one bothered by those dang odd numbers. (Okay, my OCD may be coming out.)

Welp – I hope everyone has a great week! I’ll post this week about more things I’m finding out in this revision process :o) I know – can’t you wait! Ha.

Did you watch the Golden Globes? Ricky Gervais was hilarious :o)

Have a great Monday :o)

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Monday Featured Blog – Lisa and Laura Write

Hey Everyone!

I hope you are having a nice day. Sadly, my vacation from my day job has ended.. *sniff* but… the proverbial show must go on… um, cliche much?

Ahem… We have a fabulous blog for today! Well… they’re all fabulous, seriously, but these ladies have a witty, random, clever blog over there at Lisa and Laura Write… rant, watch bad tv and read good books

Their debut novel is: A Kate Lowry Mystery: THE HAUNTING OF PEMBERLY BROWN a quick-witted mystery starring a private-school sleuth with attitude and pearls, who receives an email from her dead best friend (Sourcebooks, Spring 2011). (obtained from Lisa and Laura Writes’ Blog)

Want to hear about their journey to being published? Click Here

Their blog has it all – fun, wackiness and it’s highly interactive. Some fellow writers tried to say they had accents… yeah, they live in Ohio… Thus began the great accent debate… Read about it Here Well… as a mid-westerner myself, I believe we have no accents… However, not everyone believes that – as if? Ha!

The result of the debate is this hilarious Vlog … feast your eyes and ears folks. It’s pretty darn funny, and made me like these gals even more! Click Here for Hilarious Vlog

Profile Info

The Hilton Sisters – spray tans + brains – 4 inches + 20 (ok, fine…30) pounds รท Cleveland, OH = Lisa and Laura Roecker

You can find them on Twitter Here

or their super cool website,

So, if you aren’t following their blog, which I assume a lot of you are, what are you waiting for?

Well things are going well over on our end. Hubs is looking for jobs outside of Michigan finally… so sit tight, we may be coming near you :o) Still working on revising, it’s kinda hard… duh! Will be posting about similes and metaphors this week, as I keep coming up with animal similes in my WIP, not sure why. Can you drive like a Cheetah? Or look at someone like they have worms crawling out of their ears? No? Hmmm.

Happy Monday :o) See ya on the flip side!

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Missing Monday Featured Blog – The WriteRunner

Well here it is… Technically it’s still Monday, so here ya go. Andrew the subject of this post was kind enough to look in my archives and found it in 1/4/09… ’09? Yeah, woops. It’s 2010 now… Ha – such a dope move on my part – my apologies to Blogger – this was total operator error. No more posting at 2:00 AM anymore… Well, the post is below for your reading pleasure :o)

Hello Everyone!
I hope your having a nice Monday :o) I’m a happy girl because I get a whole week off of my day job!

Things have slowed down a bit around here, so it’s nice. I have a confession…. My Christmas tree is still up! I’m having trouble parting from it. The nights are so much better with little colored lights to brighten it :o)

Our featured blog today is a great one! Andrew over at The WriteRunner blogs about story structure and whatever writing topics that strike him. It’s a very detailed blog and I dare you not to learn something when you visit. I know I’ve learned a thing or two!

He has a wonderful series on “The Hero’s Journey,” His last installment on that subject was Story Structure Part X: The Road Back. I would check out the whole series, it’s brilliant and he doesn’t miss a beat.

He also participated in the No Kiss Blogfest with a great entry! You can read it Here

You can find Andrew on Twitter as Iapetus999

Andrew’s profile info reads:

I’m an Aspiring Science Fiction Writer. Since the age of 18, I’ve written about 8 full-length novels. Dawn’s Rise is the first novel that I’m going to publish. My other interests include Running(5K’s and Half Marathons), swimming, cycling, (which adds up to Triathons), Snowboarding(Steven’s Pass season’s pass), Seattle Mariners(season tickets), playing my drums, drinking craft beers, and my family (DW, DS-9, DD-14, and Blackberry-2).

Definitely check this one out :o)

Well, we are finally out of the one digits around here, up to the twenties… Yay! I’m working on editing my WIP and I’m having a lot of trouble with one particular thing. I’ll blog about it tomorrow :o)

Enjoy your day everyone – Stay warm!

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