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Monday Featured Blog- Query Shark

Hey Everyone!

The Detroit Lions won their game on Sunday!!! Yeah. Now, that makes 2 this year… gotta love the underdogs :o)

On with the purpose of this post–

Literary agent, Janet Reid has a great blog Janet Reid, Literary Agent. If you don’t follow this one, it’s a must add!

But this post is not about that one, as awesome as it is, I’d like to promote the Query Shark blog. Right there—> Query Shark. The posts on this blog are actual query letters that are sent in to her. She reads and puts her comments inside the letter itself, so you see what she’s thinking… even though I’m not querying yet, I think being able to see exactly where she stops reading is very helpful. The posts are sporadic, but when there is one- it’s definitely something I review carefully.

Thank you to Melanie for reminding me of this important tidbit- the queries she critiques have been sent in specifically to the Query Shark site, not her agency.

If you haven’t checked this one out, what are you waiting for?

The Bookshelf Muse, another great blog- which features an emotional thesaurus- that I’ve used a few times. I’ve posted about it before… well the blog has reached 100,000 hits! And… in celebration of that enormous number– Angela is having a cool contest, you can find the details here—> Massive Followers Contest

What’s up for grabs–
*A FULL NOVEL Critique (WC Max 85,000)
*A Copy of Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins
*A Writer’s Gift Box
*A First Chapter Inline Critique

How to enter–
*1 entry for commenting that you are a follower (if you aren’t yet, please join today!)
*1 entry for linking to this contest on a blog
*1 entry for linking to this contest through your twitter or facebook

So hop on over there, if you aren’t following this blog- it’s also a must add :o)

NaNo is going well. Just got over 35,500 words. I will make this deadline! I doubt I’ll post much this week, but rest assured– if you miss my kooky posts– December will go back to somewhat more of a normal posting schedule :o)

So.. any big plans this week? How is NaNo or WIP’s going for y’all?

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Da Brain Power of Others

Greetings from 28,025 words,

I had the distinct pleasure of having a fabulous brainstorming session with a reader friend of mine. I can’t tell you how valuable those few minutes were to my story.

She gave me a whole new outlook on what it could become– and let’s face it, when we’re talking about our stories, we get all giddy, like fan girls at a Twilight premier… (oh one can wish *sigh*)

Well– with her help- I’ve been able to see to the end of my NaNo draft and the next couple books after that- looks like a series alert folks! Of course, my Crit Partner Jamie, was essential to the brainstorming of this draft as well, and I can’t wait to have her read it :o)

On the humor tip: So this blog feeds into my facebook account– right there on the right side column there– and I tagged my mom to read my excerpt. If you missed the teaser I posted it’s Here. Well her comment was– *sorry I’m still snickering*

Mom: Why are so many children freaked out about their parents having sex??!? I don’t mind that mine did. I actually did LOL at this line: I was mortified and may never see again.

Me: It’s gross mom! Plus this character is 17, so you tell me, would she feel that way…LOL Glad you liked that line 🙂 Thanks for reading.

Mom: Actually I wasn’t worried about my parents’ sex life, I worried about mine! And you’re not 17.

And… now you know what I’ve had to deal with… gotta love her.

In honor of New Moon tomorrow- and because I’m going to go fangirl and wear my Team Edward shirt (I know- you don’t need to say it- I totally know how lame I am) *sorry boys*

Here you go!

So, do you ever brainstorm with non-writers? and how do your brainstorming sessions take place- what have you learned?

Hope everyone is having a great week. :O)

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Excerpt from Snow’s Falling

Hi Everyone!
For those doing NaNo this year, I hope you are enjoying this experience. I certainly am. I’ve hit a wall though. So lately, It’s more like plodding through. I’m hoping this changes soon!

So I’ve been thinking… I read posts of the blogs I follow, but I haven’t really read any of their writing, with the exception of my superfantabulous Crit Partner Jamie. So I thought I would share a scene from Snow’s Falling, my NaNo story. It’s not great and will be heavily edited come next year. This particular scene is when Snow first arrives home.

Hopefully this doesn’t conjure any unwanted images in your head. You’ll see what I mean… I think there’s one swear word (if you can call it that), but it’s a little gross… just FYI.

I walked over and flipped on the light. In one moment all that I had known about my parents was tarnished. Had I known what I was going to see I would have gouged out my eyes with a plastic spork.

My mom and dad were both naked on the leather couch. Through my shock I saw random body parts and red panties and– I didn’t want to remember anything else. I turned around quickly. “What the hell are you doing?” I yelled.

“Snow, this is the most natural thing two people can do. Sex is a wonderful thing.” My mom’s calm and rational voice sounded like a soft song.

“Sorry kid. Thought you’d be home later.” My dad’s voice, in contrast, sounded like a rusty engine about to go kaput.

I heard the friction of the leather couch and my parent’s flesh separating. I didn’t dare turn around.

“Why aren’t you playing with your friends?” Mom said.

“I have homework.”

“Oh. Well yes. That’s important too, but you need to be social. You don’t want to end up alone.”

“Can I turn around yet?”

“Of course,” Mom said.

I turned around. My dad’s t-shirt was twisted and his jeans were unbuttoned. His dark hair was disheveled. My mom’s long dress was wrinkled, but her light brown hair was iron straight. I didn’t know how that was possible. They both had gleaming smiles on their faces.

I was not smiling. I was mortified and may never see again.

“I need my computer.” I walked further into the room and saw it lying on the couch. They couldn’t be bothered to move it? Stomach acid climbed up my throat hoping for an escape. I didn’t want to touch it. “Please tell me you didn’t—on my computer.”

My mom stole a glance at my dad then turned toward me. “We were nowhere near it.”

“Next to it, maybe,” Dad shrugged it off like he was saying, ‘No kid we didn’t get any happy juice on your new macbook that you paid a thousand dollars of your own money for’.

I grabbed my laptop and walked out of the room. “Good Night!”

“Night,” Mom called up the stairs.

I wasn’t sure what scene to share with you. This is a kind of the catalyst for some of the story, so it seemed appropriate. Also, I’m the only one that has had this horrid thought in my head, so now y’all do too. LOL. Sorry…

Thanks for reading 🙂

Oh.. I got another award thanks to the wonderful melane over at Chasing the Dream- An aspiring YA writer’s path to hopefully becoming published

Thanks melane- you’re awesome. If you haven’t checked our melane’s blog- please do so- she’s got a great one over there!

Okay- off to write! I just passed the 20,000 mark! Hope everyone’s words are plentiful for those doing NaNo and those working on their WIP’s 🙂

So… do you provide teasers on your blog? How often?

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Is This Going to Stick?

Hey there- long time no talk 🙂 Sorry I’ve been MIA guys.

I contracted this crappy cold thing *cough* recently, but luckily it’s on the way out, not the cough of course, Doc says it will hang around for at least another week! Yay.

Well, I’ve been writing a lot- that goes without saying right? Well I’ve noticed, my writing habits have changed a bit for November. I’m writing a lot every day, before this experience, I wasn’t writing every day- I certainly tried- but it wasn’t every day. How many times can I type the words, “every day?” Look I did it again. I digress…

I often wonder if I’ll be able to keep up this pace when December rolls around, or if I’ll just keel over and read all month, or just do… well anything else. I really don’t know- but I truly hope I can keep this up. I’m the type of person that starts something and doesn’t finish it, so I’m just really glad that writing has been something that has stuck. Whether writing every day sticks– I guess we’ll see 🙂

So… What are your writing habits? Do you write every day? Or just a lot at once then take a break? For those of you NaNoing- are you going to keep this up after November?

Do y’all like the new layout? I love it, it’s got a retro t-shirt at Old Navy feel to it. Of course I viewed it at work in Internet Explorer (I use Firefox) and the columns are off.

I hope everyone is doing well 🙂 Have a great rest of the week!

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The Key to Purgatory is in the Slushy Machine…

Natalie over at the The Sound of Rain was gracious enough to give me the, “One Lovely Blog Award!” She’s a new follower to this blog, and I’m thrilled to have her along with all of you 🙂 She has an uber cool looking blog over there- check it on out 🙂

The rules say to pass it along to 15 new blogs you’ve discovered recently… but I’m gonna tell you the truth… I’ve had a seriously long week at work, and I don’t have the energy to link 15 blogs…

So… I’m going to give this to the first 15 people who comment on this post 🙂 I know everyone who visits this blog deserves it, so whoever gets here first– is anointed the keeper of the, “One Lovely Blog Award.” and I guarantee all of you have lovely blogs 🙂

I hope ya’ll don’t chastise me for cheating, but I just couldn’t do it this week.

I’m so sorry.

Oh look- another one 🙂 This one’s for all of you!

Jamie at The Variety Pages and Natalie at The Sound of Rain (I got two from her!) were kind enough to give all their followers,”The Icing on the Cake Award.” and so- my trusted cohorts- I bestow this delicious confection on to all of you, who bravely read my super corny and random posts.

You know I love ya more than my luggage… (How quotable is Steel Magnolias?)

Whew… okay on to what I’ve been doing and stuff… sorry about the long post guys 🙂

I’ve been NaNoing, it’s been great I just passed the 10,000 word mark. I’m right on schedule. So that’s cool. I wrote a scene last night where Snow (the MC for the newbies) enters Purgatory- and I was struck- what the heck would Purgatory look like? smell like? sound like?

I wrote that there would be screams in the background, quakes, uneven ground, smelled like mint (don’t ask me why–LOL), it was muggy, and located behind the door in the 7-11. I kept that the same…

The key is, of course, in the slushy machine!

So.. I’m curious, how do you see Purgatory? and… How the heck are ya?

Have a great weekend!

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