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The Plot Un-thickens

I know the, “Outline Vs. No Outline, Plot ahead vs. Plot during,” debate is a stale topic, but I believe it will always be valid.

I’m about 5,000 words into my WIP and I have no outline, haven’t really thought about where it’s going, and this is usually around the time I get a bit– Lost.

I haven’t reached that point yet, but I feel it coming. I’m not sure how to combat this problem though. I’m not an outliner and every attempt I’ve made to do so has ended… well, with me more confused than before, without a lick of writing after that point.
I think I know how to plot. I’ve read it in all the writing books, but for some reason I have no clue how to apply what I’ve learned. Maybe I need to re-read some of them again, or all of them. I may be interweaving these two points, but I think they are similar.
So– how do you all do it? Outline or No? Any suggestions on some good writing books that help with this?

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