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Do You Know When Not To Query?

Hi Everyone!

I hope you are all well ;o) I’ve been thinking a lot lately… I know. Stop me! LOL

Well, this story I’m revising (NaNo ’09) isn’t good enough to query in my opinion.

But? You may ask. How do you know? And why bother revising it if you’re not going to query it?

I’ll tell you why. To learn. To make sure I CAN revise a novel. I’m not going to give up on it just because I’m not querying it. I’m a good enough writer to know when I’m looking at something that isn’t queryable (word?) I hope. LOL

So what makes me know this for sure? Oh, time for bullet points again!  YAY!

I’m still going to finish revising it. I’ve learned so much about the process and that’s invaluable.

I may go back to it in the future and see what I can do, but for now… it remains in my hands and those brave Betas that were so kind to read it ;o)

So. What about you? Do you know when not to query? Have you queried too early before? When do you know it’s right?

In exciting news! I’m going to be a contributer on a brand spankin’ new blog, DNA Writers with some of my favorite writing peeps. I’m excited about this adventure. We all have interesting and unique viewpoints on writing, reading, life in general. If you have a moment, pop on over and check it out ;o) We’re still getting it started… but we will be having a contest soon, so make sure to look for that!

Have a great rest of the weekend ;o) For those that have Monday off. Enjoy ;o) I’ll leave you with a quote from Dr. King himself. An amazing man with a relevant message.

“Almost always, the creative dedicated minority has made the world better.”
Martin Luther King, Jr. 

<3 Er

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