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The Why Of Revision.

Hi Everyone!!

Scrubs gif

So. I’ve been thinking… I know, I know. But, Er, these blog posts are always long when you think! Maybe, but I’m working on a revision for my new MS and I was thinking about motivation and the WHY of revision.

So you’re bounding along in your first draft. It’s great. You’re getting words. You have a sort-of plot (if you’re a pantser, if you’re not, you’ve got a well-thought-out plot) either way, you’ve got some semblance of a story going. You step back for a while. A couple weeks, a month–whatever your marinating time, and come back. THIS is the time to ask WHY.

Why did I write this story?
Why is my MC doing what she’s doing?
Why does the reader want to read this?
Why is my MC perfect for this story?

So I started asking myself WHY when it came to my current WIP and you know what? I didn’t know the answers right away. So I discovered that I needed to bring out more to make it believable, bring out the essence of this particular MC. I keep trying to capture what I had in my last MS but this isn’t the same story or the same characters. So I’ve been asking myself why I chose to write this one. Why did I choose to make the MC how she is? It may seem obvious to do, but it wasn’t to me.

Sometimes I think we get SO into a story that we forget to ask why. No matter what, our characters need to have reasons for doing what they’re doing and it’s our job to make them believable.

So that’s what I’m doing. I’m taking a step back and I’m going to make sure this MC is the right MC for the job, and that this story and its characters are believable. I’m not just going to put words on a page because that’s what you do after a first draft. I’m going to make sure they mean something, ’cause I care about every one of those words and who may possibly read them. That’s what asking why is about. It’s about making sure your words tell your story the way you wanted, and about making readers feel what you felt when you put them on the page.

So ask why. It may be the most important thing you can do during a revision.

What about you? Do you always ask WHY when you revise?

Have a great rest of the week, rockers!


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My Revision Journey Told Through Disney GIFs

Hi Everyone! Hope your Sunday is going well ;o) So, lately I’ve been revising and wanted to do a post on what it feels like. The ups and downs, turns, that kind of thing (original huh? LOL). BUT I thought I would tell it through Disney GIF’s instead since it’s more fun and I’ve always been a visual person and I love GIFs. Here we go!

My revision journey told through Disney GIFs.

I start out thinking there are SO many possibilities!

Cheshire Cat gif

 I’m so EXCITED! This is going to be the best MS I’ve revised EVER!

Lion King

Then the real work begins and it seems like an endless climb…

repunzels castle

Each step seems never-ending.

frozen gif 1

frozen 2


I quickly arrive at the stage where I think everything is total crap.



I start to change things I NEVER thought I would which makes me feel like I’m completely messing everything up.

Mulan 1

Every morning I look like death.

frozen 5


I think I’m starting to catch a stride then something derails me.

tangled 2


I feel like nothing makes sense in the story anymore.

cheshire cat 1 Alice 4 Cheshire cat 3 Alice 5 Cheshire cat 4 Alice 6 Alice 7 Alice 8 Cheshire Cat 6

I try to add backstory and I either add too much or too little.

Tangled 3

So I decide to start from the beginning and see what works and what doesn’t. I end up deleting some of my favorite scenes.

Alice 3

Then I feel like this.

Cheshire cat 8

I start getting pulled into different plot holes and internal monologue traps.


After putting the pieces back together and getting everything in its spot.

Up Aristocats

I regroup. Because I can’t stay in Wonderland forever.

Tangled 5


I start climbing to the top of that wall.

Mulan 2

Work Hard.

Frozen 10

And make my MS just as beautiful as the first version, but better.

Frozen 9

I fall, but there’s always someone to catch me.

Frozen 7

And even though I feel like this…

frozen 3

And I realize how hard it is to say goodbye to a different version of my story…

Toy Story 1 Toy Story 2

I believe in this book and I want it to be the best.

Beauty and the Beast 1

It WILL be the best!

Frozen 11

Anyone else feel like this? How do you get through it?

Have a great week!



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Do You Know When Not To Query?

Hi Everyone!

I hope you are all well ;o) I’ve been thinking a lot lately… I know. Stop me! LOL

Well, this story I’m revising (NaNo ’09) isn’t good enough to query in my opinion.

But? You may ask. How do you know? And why bother revising it if you’re not going to query it?

I’ll tell you why. To learn. To make sure I CAN revise a novel. I’m not going to give up on it just because I’m not querying it. I’m a good enough writer to know when I’m looking at something that isn’t queryable (word?) I hope. LOL

So what makes me know this for sure? Oh, time for bullet points again!  YAY!

I’m still going to finish revising it. I’ve learned so much about the process and that’s invaluable.

I may go back to it in the future and see what I can do, but for now… it remains in my hands and those brave Betas that were so kind to read it ;o)

So. What about you? Do you know when not to query? Have you queried too early before? When do you know it’s right?

In exciting news! I’m going to be a contributer on a brand spankin’ new blog, DNA Writers with some of my favorite writing peeps. I’m excited about this adventure. We all have interesting and unique viewpoints on writing, reading, life in general. If you have a moment, pop on over and check it out ;o) We’re still getting it started… but we will be having a contest soon, so make sure to look for that!

Have a great rest of the weekend ;o) For those that have Monday off. Enjoy ;o) I’ll leave you with a quote from Dr. King himself. An amazing man with a relevant message.

“Almost always, the creative dedicated minority has made the world better.”
Martin Luther King, Jr. 

<3 Er

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Back To The Future Part II took place in 2015… Yeah.

Hi Everyone!!

Whew, I have been a bad blog mommy… very neglectful. However, I have been reading and revising a lot, so it’s all good, right? I sure hope all of you are doing well and enjoying these last couple days of 2010 ;o)  I missed ya!

So. Yeah, that pic? A little more action than I’m gonna see in 2011. Looks fun though ;o)

So, onto the reason for this post! To share my fav’s of 2010 with you! Do we have any in common? What were your fav’s?

2011. Gah. That looks so strange. Like we should be living in space or riding in flying cars… back to Back To The Future II, can you believe it was in 2015?? I’m sorry, I can’t get over that. It’s in 4 years. Anyhoo… onto my fav’s…

*Some* (I could list many more) books I loved this year (in no particular order)

Matched, by Ally Condie, Loved it!! Can’t wait for the next. Ky <3
The Sky is Everywhere, by Jandy Nelson, Unbelievable, loved it to the core Fallen, by Lauren Kate,  Awesome! Loved the second, too
All of Cassie Clare’s (CoB, CoA, CoG, CA) I love her writing, her characters, everything. Ah, Jace.
The DUFF, by Kody Keplinger  So real. I was sucked right in. She’s a great writer.
Perfect Chemistry, by Simone Elkeles, OMG *swoon* she knows how to write. I also really liked Leaving Paradise.
Some Girls Are, by Courtney Summers, Love her, love her writing. I devour anything she writes.
The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins, I’ll admit to being one of the people that didn’t love the last one, but WOW, what a fantastic series. She knows how to get that page turning, even when it’s three in the morning and you can’t feel your toes anymore. Team Peeta Foreva
Hush, Hush, by Becca Fitzpatrick, I just finished Crescendo and this gal knows how to weave in some mystery. I have a love/hate relationship with Patch… mostly love (who are we kidding). Yeah, she sucks me in too. One thing after another. Good stuff
Shiver, by Maggie Stiefvater, her writing is a like music notes, it flows, it’s beautiful, it’s haunting. Love her stuff
Tempest, by Jamie DeBree, she’s a great friend who wrote a HOT book (seriously, on fire). Can’t wait to read the next!  
A Reaper’s Tale: The Undecided, by Adam Slade, such a great story, funny, original. I loved it. Love him too. Great guy.

TV Shows I loved in 2010

Dexter– hands down, my favorite. If you aren’t watching, you should be!
Chuck– underestimated, but shouldn’t be. Chuck is a fantastic character full of contradictions. (and Zachary Levi is hot) but that’s not the reason I watch. Ha
Big Bang Theory– lost a little steam for me this year, but still one of the funniest out there. I love Sheldon.
Criminal Minds– I always get ideas for books watching this show. The writers are excellent, show after show, they come up with new stuff.
Glee – It’s losing steam with me, but I love the characters and the singing. Gotta love the singing ;o)

Movies I loved in 2010

Easy A – Top of my list this year. So funny, well acted, writing was fabulous. See it! I <3 Emma Stone.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Pt. 1 – My favorite of the HP movies so far. Loved it!
Inception – Unbelievable. It’s right up there with Easy A. Such a glorious mind- uh, rhymes with Chuck.


Well, NaNo was great this year! I think I’ve come up with a story I can really start getting behind. It’s not great, by any means, not yet, anyway. But I think the potential is there, more so with this one than any other. So *maybe* this will be the year I start querying. For almost three years I’ve been studying blogs, reading writing books, writing, chatting with authors/writers/pub peeps on twitter, blogs, facebook (all of you <3). I think I may be ready to jump in. Probably not until closer to the middle/end of the year, but *fingers crossed* It always seems I start every year thinking it’s going to be new and fresh and really it’s kind of the same, old stuff. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I’m still me, you’re still you. Changes happen. But inside, I usually stay about the same. Thank goodness. So out with the old, in with the old, I say ;o) So that’s my break down. What about you? What did you love in 2010? What are you thinking about for 2011? Have you seen Back to The Future 2? Have a happy & safe New Year’s! <3

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From Revision to NaNo Feva… You got it?

Hi Everyone!
I hope you had a nice weekend. I’m recovering from a frustrating football downer.. sigh. Hope your teams fared better than mine!

So. I’ve been revising *ahem* rewriting my WIP (the one from last NaNo) almost there, only a few more chapters (sure, Ha). I’ve come to realize that I may not query this story anytime soon or ever, and that’s okay. Maybe I’ll come back to it when I’m a better writer so I can give it the attention and good writing it deserves ;o)

I’ve most certainly found my weaknesses in writing novels. If you’re curious, it’s movements (he walked, he looked, lifted his hand to…,) descriptions, scenery, world building. I do have some strengths too, dialogue, plot, pacing… so I think I need to read some more books with my weaknesses. I’ve been reading Cassandra Clare’s books (OMG I love her books) and that has helped a bit since she is really great at making me feel like I’m there. If you haven’t read any of her books, go now. Seriously. Her characters are totally swoonworthy.

I’m participating in NaNoWriMo again this year (Yay!) since I had a great time doing it last year, and frankly, I need to write something new. I’m kinda goin’ wonky over here… LOL

Pss. I’m EriCanWrite over there, in case you wanna buddy up ;o)

I wanted to share my idea for NaNo this year. Keep in mind, this is very rough, as nothing has been written yet ;o)

YA, Sci-Fi.

It’s 2025 and the government has perfected the criminal brain scan system. If you’re brain passes the sociopath test (as it is commonly referred to) you are sent to The Haven, if you don’t, even before you kill or harm anyone you are sent to The Desolate.

Amara and Shane, lifelong friends were born after the system. They both get scanned and one goes to Desolate and the other Haven. Separated by false accusations and lies, Amara sets out to find Shane.

Amara knows there’s a chink in the system’s armor. They made a terrible mistake. And she’s going to find out how to fix it. Can they find each other before time runs out and the system takes out one of them forever?

Are you doing NaNo this year? What’cha workin’ on? Have a great rest of the week!

Rock on,

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