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Share Time

Share Time Thursday – Why? I Was feeling Saucy

Greetings Everyone!

If you look to your left you will see my pride and joy, Zeus. He helps me with my writing… okay he rubs on my fingers so I can’t type, but he thinks he’s helping. He also “helps” me read too ;o)

Okay. Truth. I have no idea what to blog about and I didn’t want to have a week with just one post. I have to keep trying to be more regular with my posts, so I thought I’d share some writing today, so y’all could get an idea of what I’m about…err, what my writing’s about ;o) As if that’s hard to figure out… Muh ha ha

So this is what I wrote last night. It’s a scene where the MC Snow and Vaughn are on a date, sort of… I’m not looking for critique’s unless you want to. Mostly just wanted to have share time today ;o)

So, here ya go.

I grabbed a green crayon out of the miniature ridged plastic glass and tried to draw a flower on the paper tablecloth with our server’s name scrawled across it.

A large sign that said Pizzalicious blinked in neon red. I was convinced the joint was owned by a couple of hillbillies. A fake stained glass ghetto light hung over the table looking like a bug could fall from it at any time.

I shifted in the yellow faux leather booth, making plastic farting noises with my legs. “Where’d you find this place?”

“A friend told me about it.”

I picked up the ratty menu and scanned it. “You know what this place needs?”

He turned his menu over. “What?”

“Boxed Wine. Oh wait.” I pointed to the menu. “Look it’s already here. Yay for us.”

He cocked his head to the side, clicking his tongue on the roof of his mouth. “Is there anything you do like here?”

“I like this crayon.”

Please keep in mind this is total first draft mode. I’m revising and needed some new scenes. It might get cut, who knows, but thought I would share!

I have 150 followers! Wow – you guys are great!

I’ll see you tomorrow for the Friday Featured Blog ;o) Enjoy your Thursday!

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