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South Beachin’ it

Emotion. How Do You Write the Scene?

Hi Ya!
I hope you are all doing well ;o)
Yes, that’s me there… I took it a while ago, when I was all emotional ‘n junk…

So I was writing. Like ya do… and it was one of those scenes where you’re like on the verge of crying and you keep pushing repeat on the crazy song that brings out all of those feelings you keep bottled up in the places you don’t talk about at parties (A Few Good Men Anyone?)



I had a thought. What if I didn’t have this song blaring in my ear. What if I just wrote it when I was like really happy… would I be able to tap into that same area of my psyche again? Is it the way the notes blend together that brings it out, or is it what I feel that does the job?

So. Here’s what it takes for me… *ahem*

1. Has to be late at night, it’s hard for me to conjure emotional scenes during the day.

2. I must have a powerful song playing, usually Decode, by Paramore. I don’t know what it is about that song… Metric (acoustic) works too.

3. No one can be in the room, just in case I start bawling like the baby I am. Seriously, it’s a sad sight.

4. I need to write the whole scene in one sitting. No coming back to it, unless I’m writing the whole thing again. Strange. I know. That will change, I’m sure.


What about you? Do you have a certain song/place you have to go to write those emotional scenes? What is it you do to get into the emotional state? Or. Is it always on the surface for you.

On a personal note. I’ve begun the South Beach diet, er the oh-my-god-what-have-I-done-I-miss-cookies-so-much-I-could-eat-my-friggen-hand-with-ketchup-diet. And. it’s going well… LOL I’m actually really pumped about changing the way I eat, so you may see some wayward posts about cookies and cakes and how much I want to eat them… hey, I gave you fair warning.

Enjoy the rest of the week!! I’ll be stopping by more blogs this week, I’ve been pretty busy as of late ;o)


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