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Yes, I am strange.

Hello Everyone!

So. It’s been a while since I just blogged. Which is okay, cause I’ve been having fun letting some truly awesome people take over ;o)

So. I got this award. You can see it, it’s over there on the left. I love it. I’m told by the one who passed it along… Matt from Pensive Sarcasm. that he doesn’t find me that strange, but digs my blog and then something about me being friendly…. pss. don’t pass that around, it’s bad for my rep. LOL

Matt is the coolest. I’ve said many a thing about him on this blog. All good, of course. But, yeah he’s strange.

I’m gonna call him out. He left me a comment on the last blog post and didn’t read the post….I thought that was hilarious by the way…

I love his blog, he’s always there with some snark and cool pics. He’s the very first Featured Blog I ever did on here. Ah, memories… Anyhoo. He’s awesome. Go follow his blog if you’re not, trust. He’s highly entertaining.

I’m going to do something I haven’t done in a while. I’m going to actually pick some people for this award. I know. Crazy thought.

First. Rules. Inevitably I’ll break them, but in case rules are your thang, here they are ;o)

1. Add the logo of the award to your blog post.

2. Add a link to the person who awarded it to you (the strange ones will come after you if you don’t…well, not really, but it sounds good).

3. Nominate seven other blogs telling us why you think the recipient is strange enough to deserve the award.

4. Leave a message for those nominated on their blogs.

5. And, if you email catephoenix(at)gmail(dot)com and tell her you’ve received the award for your strangeness, she’ll enter you in the biggest kick-ass Strange Men competition ever. Details over at (click on the award link on the home page)

There ya go. So. this is hard. Strange is relative. We’re all a little strange, we live in our books most days. Have two lives, one real the other, well… real too, but with fake characters… so really everyone is eligible. I hate leaving people out. But. I said I was going to link some peeps up there, so here goes. If you love this as much as I, please just take it and pass it along. I’m an equal opportunity blog giver ;o)

Here’s some peeps, I don’t think I’ve given any to before… oh and I absolutely adore them & thier blogs. And they’re all strange, in different ways. Welcome to the strange club! Love ya ;o)

Carol’s Prints – Carol’s so sweet and thoughtful. Her blog is full of fun, gotta love it!
Grab a Pen – Tahereh’s awesome. No other way to put it. Cool blog, cool posts!
Just Jemi – Jemi’s super nice and she always has something interesting to say. Love her blog!
Editing Hat – Adam is witty and fun! His blog is as good as his book ;o) Love both!
A Broken Laptop – Mercedes is an awesome twitter buddy and supporter. Love her, love her blog! She has a pic with a knife you have to see. Seriously, go look.
We Do Write – Dorothy is also a fantastic twitterer, she’s always there to say hello. Love the blog. She interviews all types of writers ;o)
Read~Write~Revamp – Shauna is fantastic. Her blog is all about the paranormal, mostly the vamps. Obviously. LOL She’s super cool, just like her blog!

Go henceforth and follow!

Whew! Can I tell you. I had all those links done and friggen blogger ate them. Every one, well except for Carol’s. It must like her… I know I do ;o) I’m not complaining. Okay maybe I am. Ha! Blogger. I worked hard on those links. Luckily, I had enough energy to do it again.

Have a great week, guys! I’m almost to 200 followers, so keep an eye out for the contest. I’ll be giving away books and goodies. And. I’m going to announce the contest with a Vlog! Yay you get to see my ugly mug again. Ha.

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