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NaNo Synopsis–>

I’ve been doing some research for NaNo and I’ve finally come up with an idea. Well… a little more than an an idea. I have the whole plot now.

I’m trying this thing now. I’m actually going to research my idea before I write it. Since I can’t write it now, it’s been great having this time. I usually dive in head first, but I have to admit this is easier.

So. I decided since I love to read YA I would use this great opportunity to see how I do with it. Why not, right?

Here’s the idea. This is a seriously horrible synopsis, so please bear with me.

Snow Stansbury- named after her hippy parents saw snow falling outside as she was born- her best friend Liv was murdered at their show choir invitational in Wisconsin. Snow is devestated and determined to find the killer. She meets Vaughn Chase- he’s fresh out of Purgatory and has no memory of his mortal life. He has 2 weeks to solve Liv’s murder or he doesn’t get into Heaven. They start getting threats and as they search for Liv’s killer they stumble on clues to Vaughn’s murder as well. Could they be connected?

There’s more that I’ve come up with, but it doesn’t flow yet in this synopsis.

So… for those doing NaNo- how is the plotting going? For those not doing NaNo- how are your WIP’s?

Have a great Monday… “great Monday” that’s an oxymoron isn’t it… LOL

It might hit 60 over here! I really hope it’s a nice day. It’s the last day I can possibly golf.

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Long Time No Blog

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day!

I signed up for NanoWriMo… for the non-writers- it stands for National Novel Writing Month. (Love that pic over there) It takes place in November. Basically, you have the month of November to get 50,000 words. Those who do, get kudos and accolades, and a lot of words to work with. This will be my first attempt at this and I’m excited.
I’ve been twittering a lot lately with my #writegoal. So far, I’m at almost 17,000 words in my new WIP, Devil’s in the Details (working title, of course). It’s going well. I feel better with this MS than the last one. I plan on going back to the other story when this first draft is complete.
I’ll give you a quick synopsis… in case you were wondering (it’s not very good, but thought I would give it a try.)
Ella Johnson sold her soul to the devil for a lousy fifty cents, and she’s beginning to regret it. Her job in Hell is to nab souls and when she’s assigned to nab her own son, her real loyalty is tested. She’s given a new partner, an angel spy from heaven, who creates tension for the inhabitants of Hell. Will good win over evil, or will her son pay the ultimate price?
Okay. I know. It’s still in a very rough stage, but it felt good to get something out there.
What are you all working on right now? Anyone sign up for NanoWriMo this year?

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