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The Voice

Friday With A Landslide.

Hi Everyone!

I swear. I’m still alive.

I’ve been busy revising but wanted to check-in with you! How are you all?

So. I watched the first season of THE VOICE, not sure if you’ve seen it. It started out really fun and stayed decent. There were a lot of performances that stood out for me. But this duet was one of my favorites. So I wanted to share it with you.

I LOVE that song. Always have. What do you think? If only I could sing like that… ah, one can dream.

Oh, if you want to see more of me. I know. Why would you? Ha. I also posted over on the DNAwriters blog today. And did a Vlog on character goals if you want to see what I look like… and see me playing mediocre guitar.

HAPPY CANADA DAY! HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! I think I got all the holidays, if I missed one, please let me know!

Have a FANTASTIC weekend!

<3 Er

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