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Vloggy Vlog – Character Goals & a Little Guitar

 Hi Everyone!!

I hope you are having a smashing weekend ;o) Since I don’t have a lot new to say, I wanted to post a vlog I did on dna writers.

I ramble a little (shocking, I know), but you can hear me play the guitar… albeit not that well… I’m much better now. This was 5 months ago. Okay. I’m done.

Have a great rest of the weekend. LOVE you all!!

<3 Er

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Friday With A Landslide.

Hi Everyone!

I swear. I’m still alive.

I’ve been busy revising but wanted to check-in with you! How are you all?

So. I watched the first season of THE VOICE, not sure if you’ve seen it. It started out really fun and stayed decent. There were a lot of performances that stood out for me. But this duet was one of my favorites. So I wanted to share it with you.

I LOVE that song. Always have. What do you think? If only I could sing like that… ah, one can dream.

Oh, if you want to see more of me. I know. Why would you? Ha. I also posted over on the DNAwriters blog today. And did a Vlog on character goals if you want to see what I look like… and see me playing mediocre guitar.

HAPPY CANADA DAY! HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! I think I got all the holidays, if I missed one, please let me know!

Have a FANTASTIC weekend!

<3 Er

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18 comments VLOG – 200 Followers Contest!

Hi Everyone!

I’ve reached 200 Followers! Woo Hoo!! Thanks so much, you are all awesome!! As promised, I Vloged again. I know. I know… but I’m sure you’d like to see what you can win ;o)

Please note: I’m an iMovie novice.

And now the deets~

Come join the mosh pit! Be a, then enter the contest! Yay!

Entries are as follows…
+1 Comment on this post
+1 New Follower
+2 Old Follower
+2 Tweet – must have link, tweet to @EricaMChapman please!
+5 blog about contest

Please add up your totals and put them in the comments. Me
Contest ends Friday, October 1st, midnight EST. I’m not really that much of a stickler, so if you get it in at 12:02 or something, no worries ;o) Better not be 12:03. LOL kidding. Okay moving on…

Stop by Friday! Why?

I will be participating in the Great Blogging Experiment along with a huge group of other bloggers. Don’t know what it’s all about? Check out Elana Johnson’s uber fantastic blog here for details.

Have a great rest of the week!

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Vloggy #2 – You Can’t Handle the Truth! Nah, you can ;o)


I hope you are all having a great weekend. I am having a great one. Hubs and I are getting a new doggie tomorrow – Freddie! He’s a Shepard, boxer, lab mix, and may have some pit bull, we don’t really know, he’s a sweetie and Maya (the Rottie) loves him. Will post some pics when he is officially ours ;o)

My buddy Matt – your buddy too probably – is having a 99 followers challenge over at Pensive Sarcasm – if you’re not following his blog – you should – he’s hilarious, if you are – send some peeps his way and win! Check it out Here.

Welp, I thought it was time for another Vlog – don’t ask me why, was feelin’ saucy yesterday ;o) I’m afraid to say there are no kitties in this one, and my hair looks like I just pulled a hat off of it, but what can ya do – oh and also – you can see the kitchen in the background! It’s a bit long – so sorry.

So… you wanna know which of the 6 lies is true? If you missed yesterday’s post, so you know what’s going on – you can find it Here.

Check it out Vloggy style…

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First Vlog

Hi Everyone!
I hope you are all doing well and enjoying your weekends :o) I made a decision about whether to stay with blogger or move over to WordPress based on the comments and my own experience with WordPress for a couple days. I made a nice little Vlog to tell you which I decided ;o)

BTW – pay no attention to the kitty in the background – Gracie, she decided she wanted her 15 minutes of fame too. This was my first attempt at this. I really tried to make it short, but there are a few um’s and ah’s.. couldn’t help that, of course.

So… *deep breath* Here you go!

Have a great rest of the weekend :o)

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