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The Gateway to Purgatory is by the Big Gulps…

I read a lot of blogs (as do ya’ll, I’m sure) and I’ve noticed something… Some are written more eloquently than others. Now wait… That doesn’t mean that they are better, just something I noticed. Yeah, like mine is eloquent… Ha!

There are many different types out there. Some blogs: use bullets, have a lot of paragraphs, use pictures, are short, longer, some are more serious, some are strange… and you know what?

I love them all, just as they are… (Bridget Jones anyone?) Insert “Awww.”

So. I’m sure all of our writing is different too. Just like our posts.

My writing is similar to my posts, but I have to tell you, it’s definitely not the same. I watch my words very carefully in my stories. I’m sure my voice comes through in my posts and thus comes through in my stories, but there’s more than that… It’s the choice of words, dialogue and places that really make a voice unique.

For example: I chose to make the portal to Purgatory in my NaNo story, “Snow’s Falling,” at the 7-11, I mean, why not right?

So what does that mean about me? LOL! Don’t answer that.

I’m not sure someone else would choose that local, but it popped in my head and was perfect. They are in most places in the US, so it works, and who would expect that the portal to Purgatory would be there next to the Big Gulps and Slushy machine?

So… I’m wondering. What makes your voice unique and do you write like you post?

I only have a half day at work tomorrow! I’m so geeked. Just had to share- by the time some of you read this, my half day will be over, but oh well 🙂

Enjoy your Wednesday!

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