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Share Time Thursday – Why? I Was feeling Saucy

Greetings Everyone!

If you look to your left you will see my pride and joy, Zeus. He helps me with my writing… okay he rubs on my fingers so I can’t type, but he thinks he’s helping. He also “helps” me read too ;o)

Okay. Truth. I have no idea what to blog about and I didn’t want to have a week with just one post. I have to keep trying to be more regular with my posts, so I thought I’d share some writing today, so y’all could get an idea of what I’m about…err, what my writing’s about ;o) As if that’s hard to figure out… Muh ha ha

So this is what I wrote last night. It’s a scene where the MC Snow and Vaughn are on a date, sort of… I’m not looking for critique’s unless you want to. Mostly just wanted to have share time today ;o)

So, here ya go.

I grabbed a green crayon out of the miniature ridged plastic glass and tried to draw a flower on the paper tablecloth with our server’s name scrawled across it.

A large sign that said Pizzalicious blinked in neon red. I was convinced the joint was owned by a couple of hillbillies. A fake stained glass ghetto light hung over the table looking like a bug could fall from it at any time.

I shifted in the yellow faux leather booth, making plastic farting noises with my legs. “Where’d you find this place?”

“A friend told me about it.”

I picked up the ratty menu and scanned it. “You know what this place needs?”

He turned his menu over. “What?”

“Boxed Wine. Oh wait.” I pointed to the menu. “Look it’s already here. Yay for us.”

He cocked his head to the side, clicking his tongue on the roof of his mouth. “Is there anything you do like here?”

“I like this crayon.”

Please keep in mind this is total first draft mode. I’m revising and needed some new scenes. It might get cut, who knows, but thought I would share!

I have 150 followers! Wow – you guys are great!

I’ll see you tomorrow for the Friday Featured Blog ;o) Enjoy your Thursday!

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Idea Bank – Make a Deposit!

Hi ya!
I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted something other than a featured blog – which is cool with me – cause I LOVE promoting other blogs!

I am sorry, I know you’re just dying to hear what I’ve been doing with my time. [insert sarcastic comment].

Well, the truth?

Not much. I mean not much writing wise. I’ve started exercising and getting to know our new pooch Freddie, but I’ve been a bad writer. LOL

Okay, maybe not that bad, I’ve been Beta-ing for a close friend. Which is great. Her story is fabulous, so it’s a nice break from NOT revising. Just call me Ms. Procrastination.

I digress. The point please Ms. Procrastination. Okay, Being away from my WIP has given me some great ideas – new stuff for a new story and new ideas for my current one. So really, it’s been a great break.

Wanna hear about my new story idea? Aw, come on… Welp, this idea came because I was watching American Idol – yeah I know- sue me. I was singing a song – Like ya do. And I thought – I want to be in a band. Yeah, I know at my age – I mean I’m *cough* year’s old. Then “ding ding,” *insert light-bulb – only the good kind that lasts forever – what are they called? Energy Efficient or something.* I don’t really have to join a band (even though that would be like the coolest thing ever) I could write about joining one, or about how a daughter deals with a mom that joined one. Then the ideas came flying all the possibilities.

So, that’s what I’ve been doing. Exciting huh? Oh I’ve been trying to get over this darn pink eye too, and trying to bowl. Key word “trying.”

So any new ideas you want to share, have the ideas been spinning for you or are you at a stop? Are you watching AI this year? I have to admit it’s not as good as some of the other years, but I do have some favorites… Siobhan rocks. So does Crystal ;o)

See ya on Friday for the featured blog – It’s going to be a surprise – in truth – I haven’t picked it yet…LOL Remember, Ms. Procrastination…

Anyhoo, have a great rest of the week folks!

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Oh, do "tell" & Awards & LINGER contest

Hi Everyone! Well this blog made it over 100 followers – unbelievable. Thank you all so much – you are truly wonderful.

I didn’t plan to give anything away… I thought about it… I didn’t want to half- arse it, so I will wait until I acquire something awesome! Maybe… if I can reach 200 ;o)

I hope everyone is having a great week so far. I’m still working on the revision of my MS. It’s going a bit slow…

The Truth?

I can’t seem to get back into the groove. It’s like when I started revising, it was exciting, I was all set to put some new stuff in and take the rubbish out, and take I did, like 10,000 words so far. I also found out I have a big problem with inner dialogue. Mainly, I’m afraid to “tell” too much, so I don’t “tell” at all. I’m trying to figure out how to stop and just let go, but it’s hard, I’ll admit it.

So, do any of you have that problem? Are you a born “teller?”

On to some awesome awards! Wow, I got quite a few this past week – so cool – thanks everyone! I have another one I was going to post, but I thought this post was getting a little too long… so I will save it for tomorrow ;o)

Lost Wanderer bestowed this most awesome award on me! Thank you so much Lost Wanderer, check out her great blog over at Lost Wanderer’s Writing Blog.

Welp, to accept this award, I must answer these few questions with one-word answers, then pass it along. So here I go!

Your Cell Phone? – Blackberry
Your Favorite Food? – Malts (just like the pic above!)
Your Hobby? – Golf
Your TV? – Awesome
What Are You Wearing? – Snuggie
Your Life? – Okay
Your Music? – Best
Where Did You Grow Up? – Michigan
Your Car? – Reliable

And… I’m going to pass this on to a couple blogs I love!

Supernatural Smut
Regan – Regan also gave me the Honest Scrap award for the second time! Thanks Regan ;o)

Also, Jamie over at The Variety Pages gave me the Silver Lining Award. Thanks Jamie! I’m sure you all know how much I love her blog – it’s a great one ;o)

Heidi over at Words a Plenty has given me the Honest Scrap Award – it’s my third time! I must have you all very fooled ;o) Thanks Heidi – check out her awesome blog as well!

There is an super cool contest going on over at Frankie’s blog (also super cool), Frankie Writes Linger ARC Contest You could win the ARC of LINGER by Maggie Stiefvater!! The more people you send over the better your chances – so spread the word :o) Oh and tell them “Large Marge” sent ya… LOL

Have a great Wednesday!

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Lack of Emotion… Not anymore!

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are having a lovely Tuesday ;o) All is well here. I got a double bowling last night, and didn’t play like total crap! Yay, be thankful for the small things in life, right? Ha.

Well, I’ve been revising my current MS and I’ve noticed a real lack of something…

What is that, you say?

I didn’t even think about it until I started to re-write a particularly emotional scene. I tweeted about it, and of course my Crit partner Jamie over at The Variety Pages, and a few others offered their advice about what to do. I didn’t know what the MS was lacking. Duh, right? Well Jamie suggested I think about what I was like as a teenager – scary huh?

So I did.

I went back to the flannel wearing, Pearl Jam & Nirvana listening, drama filled attitude, poetry writer with no outward emotion, but inside was stewing like a wicked brew, teenage me. And you know what?
It worked.
So I went back to the beginning of the MS and I’m re-reading all the scenes to make sure they have some emotion in them. I can’t believe I forgot about that. I was so worried about the plot, the story, dialogue, descriptions etc. that I didn’t think about the motivation of the characters, their emotion.
Have you ever got caught up in the mechanics and forgot the emotion? Have you forgotten anything in a first draft?
I hope everyone is having a great day! The doggie was spayed and now we have to watch her every minute to make sure she doesn’t lick at the incision – Wish us luck :o)

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He gave me a look like I had worms crawling out my eyeballs.

Hi Everyone!

I hope you are all enjoying your week! My week back to work has been okay, just trying to catch up. I didn’t have nearly the amount of emails I thought I would, so that’s good. Revising is going well. It’s slow, but the plot holes are being filled one by one!

So, the title of this post … yeah, I wrote that. Um… what? Tell me that’s not true, you might say.

Sorry folks.

I used to think I knew good examples of similes, but now I’m not sure. I can’t seem to stop writing the weird ones.

So let’s go back to the drawing board… What is a simile? You probably already know, but it never hurts to re-introduce the brain to the actual definition… why not, right?


1. a figure of speech in which two unlike things are explicitly compared, as in “she is like a rose.

2. an instance of such a figure of speech or a use of words exemplifying it.


So on to my dilemma, I love similes, but when is too much. I don’t want them to distract from the story. Unfortunately, when my critique partner takes notice of the many similes and their collective weirdness, it’s time to re-examine their existence in the story.

This is one she liked, “We both looked through our prospective boxes searching for the two kills the Senator ordered like menu items at a restaurant.”
I’m not sure if all similes are created equal. Maybe there will be a reader that likes my wacky animal/insect similes, but more often than not, the comparisons will distract from the story, so thus, they must go. *sniff*

So.. I’m curious, what type of similes do you use? Do you have any funny or unique ones you want to share?

Have a great rest of the week!

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