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My Story Sounds Like That?

Greetings from the sheet of ice that is Michigan!

Well, I’ve been off this week and have had time to think a lot… I know – can you believe it? Ha

Well I’m revising my NaNo draft…. fun stuff, I have to tell ya. Well my sis is staying with me here for the week since I’m off. Inevitably, she asked about my story. I told her it was still in first draft mode – so barely unreadable. She didn’t care, she wanted to read it. Well she reads kind of slow – gets distracted and such. So I offered to read her a few paragraphs, so she could get an idea of the story…

Before I knew it… I was reading it out-loud to her. Who knew? She loved it. She said it was like hearing a book on tape. It was exhausting for me, but reading it out-loud, which, some twitter friends have suggested, really helped. And although I have some serious revision to do, I think it’s on its way. And the good thing, is my sis is an avid reader and a young adult, so I value her opinion.

Who knew my vacation would yield such an epiphany. Reading it out-loud does help, especially with the dialogue.

So, how do you revise? Do you read your drafts out-loud?

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How Did I Get Here Again?

Hey Everyone,
I’m going to try and remember what the post said that magically disappeared… If you missed yesterday’s post, Blogger somehow lost 2 posts I had scheduled… It might be operator error, but I guess we’ll never know…

I hope everyone is over their Holiday Hangovers :o) I’m off of the day job this week and it’s great! My lil sis is visiting and we’re having a blast playing the new Mario game on the Wii along with Guitar Hero 5 :o)

Well, I’m editing my NaNo draft and I’ve come across what will surely be the annoying pricker in my well-oiled machine that is my first draft… Okay, maybe not well-oiled, maybe just slightly lubricated … Oh that sounds nasty – strike that. Let’s just say it will be a problem.

So what is this problem you may be asking… Well. How am I going to get the characters from Point A to Point B. And also, what movements are they going to make before they get there.

I mean how many times can one “gaze” at someone, or “walk” around a table or across the room. If I had a character sashay around a table or shimmy around a desk, it *might* sound ridiculous. Ha.

So what do I replace these movements with? I can have them move quickly, or dart across, maybe shuffle their feet? Okay there’s a few but I don’t want to overuse them either.

So, how do you deal with the transitions? Do you have the same problem? Any more suggestions?

I hope everyone’s having a great week :o)

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Hmmm. Do I put a comma there?

Hi Everyone!
Still fighting that crud over here for the third time in 6 weeks! Working on getting better. May be quiet the rest of the week while I try and cure what ails me.

But enough about lil ole me.


One word. Many possible outcomes. Yes I am at that point in my WIP. I need to edit it. So I’ve sent it out to two Beta/Crit partners and received it back. So… now what?

How do I organize what I’ve written? Well, I actually don’t know. I have two different copies of my story with different edits in them. I’ve read through them. I assume I need to start at the beginning and just add stuff and delete stuff right? Ha.

Well, while I ponder that question, I will share some thoughts on what they thought of my masterful work. (sense the sarcasm there- oh, good you’re still with me)

What I’ve figured out about my writing/story, per the two awesome writer friends willing to read it without any editing yet whatsoever, is:

  • I have horrible punctuation- well this I may have already known!
  • I need more dialogue tags- very badly- I sense the frustration in the comments. Sorry guys.
  • I need description- I seldom do description in a first draft- takes time- I like to get to the action and plot- then add it in. Hard to read it without it though.
  • I have decent twists- this I was very happy about- some of the twists were planned, but two in particular came out of nowhere it seemed! Yay for spontaneity!
  • The chemistry is good between the MC and the love interest- Also good to hear. That’s hard to manufacture.
  • My MC needs work- she does. She’s a bit dramatic. I have NO idea where she gets that from. *whistles in a corner*
  • Update: Added for value and because my crit partner would kill me if I didn’t say it. Tenses- I have trouble staying in the same tense. Very true. need to figure that out!
  • So. What have you learned from others about your own writing? How do you start this whole editing thingamabob?

    Have a great rest of the week everyone! Still haven’t bought any presents yet.. Eeeek!

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    NaNo Idea…

    Okay. I’ve made the decision to do NaNo this year- as you’ve seen in prior posts… if not, I’ll give you minute to look…. *tick tock* okay.

    I’ve come up with an idea… Thanks to my new Critique Partner! She’s amazing and has a lot of cool blogs. If I remembered HTML by heart, I would totally post a link… Hey look at that– I looked it up… The Variety Pages

    I loved this comic! Especially as a cat lover and writer. You can find it and others over at

    This is my idea- I’m struggling with it though because it doesn’t have any fantasy or sci-fi in it- and since my current WIP, which I think is going pretty well has that, I figure I need to stick to one genre, if I’m serious about publishing someday.

    A woman opens the door to two men. The first man explains that her husband died mysteriously, the second man hands her divorce papers. Now she has to go through the funeral knowing he wanted a divorce, didn’t love her etc. She needs to find out how he died, so she follows clues and finds out he was protecting her and that’s why he wanted a divorce, but the people that killed him are close to finding her and her family.

    That’s all I have so far- I’m not sure how to add the fantasy/sci fi element to this? Should this take place on Mars or something? How about if he was killed for covering up a paranormal incident?

    Maybe I’ll come up with something else before November… Let me know what you think.

    Have a good day everyone!

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    17,000 words = Slump City

    I’m about 17,000 or so words into my WIP. I love writing up to that point- it’s exhilerating. However, I seem to hit my slump around 17,000-19,000 words. It just all seems to stop. (pesky WIP’s)

    It’s like there’s a mental block or something. I know this story is good, and I want to complete it. I really do! It’s not neccessarily writer’s block, so I’m not sure how to define it, other than a slump. I’m really not sure how to get past it, other than adding new characters or description?

    Any of you have this problem? Any solutions you would be willing to offer up?

    I’m so ready for the weekend!! Hope everyone is having a good day 🙂

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