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Packing My Bags And Heading To Dorothy’s ;o)

Hi ya!
Just peeking in for a quick post!

The uber-fab Dorothy interviewed me on her super-fantasmic blog! She’s super sweet and a great tweep. We’ve been twitter pals for a while now.

On her blog, among other awesome things, she interviews aspiring authors, and she picked me! I know. I don’t get it either… Kidding. I know. More positivity, Erica. Anyhoo, you can check it out Here ;o) There’s lots of great stuff on her blog, so stay a while and make yourself comfortable.

You can find her on twitter too –> @DorothyDreyer

Things are good on my end, got my contacts back! Yay. I’m also starting guitar lessons on Tuesday!

Oh, look for an interview post soon, with an aspiring writer-friend who just landed herself one of them there agents ;o)

Anything new to share? What have I missed? Don’t forget to register for the fab online writer’s conference writeoncon!

Have a great rest of the week everyone!!

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WriteOnCon 2010- YA Writers- check it!

Hey Everyone!!
Okay, I had to get a new post, for many reasons, to share some exciting news, and frankly I was hella tired (yes I said hella – it fit) of staring at my emotional mug every time I went to the page… gah. Time to move on, eh?

So. In case ya haven’t heard… There’s going to be an uber awesome FREE online kidlit conference. Wha??

Yes, It’s true. The following fab peeps are hosting it and frankly doing much more!

Elana Johnson, Jamie Harrington, Shannon Messenger, Casey McCormick, and Lisa & Laura Roecker (along with Jennifer Stayrook web designer)

Lookie here at this Vlog – Love it, thanks for sharing ;o)


Who can join, you ask? YA Writers

Where can I get more info? Well, just check out the super-cool website!
Ooo when is it? *drooling already* August 10th-12th, 2010

And. Who’s gonna be there?
Um, only the best and superest peeps out there!

So far… Steven Malk, Catherine Drayton, Michelle Andelman, Suzie Townsend, Mark McVeigh, Joanna StampfelVolpe, Kathleen Ortiz, Lindsay Eland, Dan Ehrehaft, Mandy Hubbard, Lindsey Leavitt, Josh Berk, Anica Rissi, Jodi Meadows and more.

They’re still adding to the list!!

So. Click on the links and check em out. They all have awesome blogs, and many are holding contests! Also, check out the Writeoncon website!

What are ya waiting for? Check ‘er out ;o)

I hope you are having a lovely week! I know I’ve neglected this blog a bit, sorry about that.


I have been getting a lot of writing/revising done! Yay ;o)

Enjoy the rest of the week!

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